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    how to set internet connection on a chinese iphone?

    it says version 5.01(9A405), model MC6062P
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    where to find nutrition information on Dillon's chinese food?

    is it on their web site?
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    brand new chinese bike orion apollo rx125,fuel is leaking from carb

    overflows running or stopped.? this bike is brand new and only done 150 km so far, now I know I should just take it back to the dealer but that is 60miles away plus they are not open Saturday. the bike is a Chinese orion Apollo rx125. fuel is leaking from the overflow pipes on the carburettor...
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    cellphone language automatically become chinese, how to return back to english?

    My phone language become chinese upon inserting taiwan sim. Please help how i can return back to english. Thank you.
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    What's the real Chinese title of a kungfu series titled "The Golden Sword"?

    I used to watch the series through rented beta videos during on '90s or late '80s. I didn't finish watching the series and thinking of finding the series now... I don't know the Chinese tittle (the real tittle)... There was a love triangle between the main characters; Hsiao Ling, Yueh Hsiao Cai...
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    Should Mainalnd Chinese arriving in Taiwan be asked to kiss the ground as

    they pass through Customs? And, if they refuse to show respect, then should they be sent back on a slow boat to "China"?
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    what is the statistic of Chinese travelling to Japan in term of cities or provinces?

    pl kindly provide answers with data or statistic. thx
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    How Google Maps Helped a Chinese Abductee Find His Family

    Over 23 years ago, Luo Gong—just five years old at the time—was on his way to kindergarten in the Sichuan region of China, when he was abducted and taken over 1,000 miles to Fujian in the southeast. But now, he's used the power of internet to find his family again. Read more...
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    how to get chinese driver license without interview and test?

    i m holding uk driver license,want 2 buy a car and driving in beijing,try to convert my uk license to chinese driver license without interview and test,cos my chinese not so well.any agents can help me convert my uk license to chinese driver license fast and securely?
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    How do chinese are hacking easily all microprocessor based gadgets?

    In previous year I seemed Chinese's made phone they have made it same like a Nokia N series, But only the name and speed little bit defers and quality we know after six month we have to extract it, how they hack this, Nokia is doing the same preparation with 100 of engineers but they are hacking...
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    How do you write instrumental in simplified mandarin chinese?

    help pleaseeee. thank so much!!
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    What impact, if any, do Chinese family values have on the residential housing... in China? I am looking into what effects Chinese cultural behaviours have on China's residential market. I am looking closely at Education, Family Values and Superstition. I would be grateful if you could share anything on these topics or if you have literature you could recommend me...
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    Have you ever tried the chinese dish called the dragon and the phoenix?

    If so, did you like it or not. It has become one of my favorites that I order often and you? This dish is served on a sizzling platter piled with shrimp, chicken, carrots, peas and mushrooms plus many other vegetables in a white sauce. It is served over steamed rice The flavor is savory and...
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    Lingzi Lu Photos – Chinese Boston University Student Died at Marathon

    [No message]
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    Do all Chinese films feature kungFu?

    I saw a serious historic movie about the Chinese civil war vs the imperial government system. Even that had one kungFu fight once. I know allot of Chinese immigrants here in Sydney and in Jakarta, and have NEVER met one who knows kungFu. I highly doubt that kungFu is as intrinsically centrical...
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    What are the ingredients/nutrition information for these Chinese drinks?

    I'm currently living in China and I've had a hard time finding the ingredients in different foods and drinks (obviously difficult since they're written in Chinese and I don't speak Chinese). I've tried searching online for a few of these items to see if I can find the full listed ingredients and...
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    Now that the Chinese got our manufacturing jobs shouldn't they pay US income tax...

    ...and social security? NOOOO ! We took those jobs to china so we didn't have to pay any taxes or add anything to society "you stupid liberal"
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    5 Foods To Celebrate Chinese New Year This Weekend

    Chinese New Year falls this Sunday, February 10. The most important of traditional Chinese holidays,*traditions vary by region*--*but one of the most typical around the country is a New Year's Eve dinner. Tangerines, long noodles and fish*are common, and dumplings are made while waiting up for...
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    How do I write this in Chinese?

    I want to write "The Castle in the Mist" in Chinese characters. ?????? ?????? ???? Which one is right? Or is there another option?
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    Chinese Company Literally Selling A Breath Of Fresh Air

    "If we don't start caring for the environment, then after 20 or 30 years our children and grandchildren might be wearing gas masks and carry oxygen tanks." More » Chinese Company Literally Selling A Breath Of Fresh Air is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness &...