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    Did I make a good choice getting the HTC One with T-Mobile?

    I really like the phone so far, and I can pay it off every month, just need to get used to it
  2. E

    Because homo and heterosexuality isn't a choice, what about bisexuality?

    Hetero and homosexuality are caused by hormonal balances/imbalances and chemicals in the brain and all that stuff. Is bisexuality also not a choice, or is it that a homo/hetero sexual subconsciously tend to favor a gender, but will also be pleased with the other gender, causing it to be a...
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    The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Baby Name Choice is . . .

    [No message]
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    Would a Kawasaki zx7r be a good choice first sports bike?

    My last bike was a Suzuki Bandit 600, bought new in 2004. I sold this in 2010 and haven't ridden since. I've now come into some money and have a budget of £2000, to start again. I want something sportier than what I've had before and have been considering a Kwak zx7r, there's one in my local...
  5. G

    Jennifer Aniston Rocks the Guys Choice Awards, Roasts Jimmy Kimmel

    Jennifer Aniston stole the spotlight tonight at the 2013 Guys Choice Awards. The 44-year-old stunner presented pal Jimmy Kimmel with the Funniest M.F. award at Sony Picture Studios in...
  6. T

    Mastectomy Often The First Choice For Young Breast Cancer Patients

    A new study of young women with breast cancer has found that most chose to have a mastectomy rather than a surgical procedure that would conserve the breast, researchers report at the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, May 31-June 4, in Chicago... More...
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    I have a choice of buying a honda civic vtec or a vw golf mk3 vr6?

    Which 1 would u choose?
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    Addictive Behaviour - A Choice Or A Brain Disease?

    New research shows that craving drugs such as nicotine can be visualized in specific regions of the brain that are implicated in determining the value of actions, in planning actions and in motivation. Dr. Alain Dagher, from McGill University, suggests abnormal interactions between these...
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    2013 Teen Choice Award Nominations: Twilight and Vampire Diaries Are Tops, Taylor Swi

    The first wave of Teen Choice Award nominations was announced today and, though*The Twilight Saga has ended, its immortal beloveds will live on thanks to fan-based voting. The final...
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    I want 20 Trivia Questions on Flinstone with Multiple Choice Answers(4) with...

    ...correct Answers too! PLEASE HELP!? Pls help me out! I have to submit my project. Pls help me
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    Is fire medic a good choice?

    I think fire medic is similar to a fire fighter but i live in kansas, is becoming a fire medic a good choice, is there jobs for them.
  12. R

    Which Cell phone is the best choice with Verizon?

    I want to upgrade my old cell phone to a new one. My old one is over 4 years old. I'd like to upgrade to a smart phone, which I've never had. I have looked at the Samsung Galaxy 3 and the Droid Razor. I hate asking at the Verizon store and they usually steer you to the newest models. This is...
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    Awww: One Direction’s Tour Workout Of Choice Is Zumba

    What does British boy band One Direction have in common with our own Gym Classy lady and millions of ladies worldwide? Why, Zumba, of course! D'awwww. More » Awww: One Direction’s Tour Workout Of Choice Is Zumba is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health...
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    A good choice to transfer files between iPad and PC

    Many people have met this trouble: They can’t transfer files from iPad to PC or from PC to iPad freely and shortly. Today, I want to recommend one excellent transfer to everyone. This iPad Manager is designed for iPad fans to transfer various files between PC and iPad. For example, you can...
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    The best choice to convert Blu ray/DVD/video to iPad

    You should have seen the classical movie “Avatar”, what about it? Very excitingly, isn’t it? In the movie, Jack is ordered to go to Pandora for mining “Unobtanium”. However, he is made use of to operate the clone Navi...You must known the following story, but I met some trouble. When I download...
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    G3,ak or ar wich is your choice for home defense and recreation?

    g3,ak47 or ar15 wich is your choice for,home defense,receration
  17. 4

    Which one will you choice from Huawei E5756 and Huawei E587?

    Many people know Huawei E5756 and Huawei E587, then there comes a question; they do not know which one should they choice from Huawei E5756 and Huawei E587? I also want to know what is difference between them .
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    Which one I should choice from Huawei E392-12and Huawei E392-21

    I feel confused with Huawei E392, What is different between Huawei E392-12and Huawei E392-21 . and which one I should choice from Huawei E392-12and Huawei E392-21 . I will very thankful if someone can tell me .
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    #88 Portrait of a Harlot/Saint Chemical of Choice - Dec 03,2012

    We should wrap up this portion today. God has a plan for mankind. It was given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and Heavenly Fathers words will not be mocked. He wishes his children joy and the purpose of existence is that they might have happiness. We must acknowledge that there is an...
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    Can I add spanish channels to the Choice xtra Directv package?

    I don't want a spanish.package, just a few channels .