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    Why would U.S. allow clerical regime to despot Shah of Iran?

    It was clear as day Shah of Iran was one of the most powerful allies of U.S., and the country he was ruling was one of the most rewarding (oil production specifically). The question remains, why would U.S. allow such fundamental change Iran's system of governance, lose all those economical...
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    Any detains about clerical work on board a cruise ship?

    I'm looking for a clerical/administrative position. I've recently opened my job search to include cruise lines. Does anyone have any tips on how to secure one of these jobs? Turnover rates? job security? medical benefits?
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    Should Catholic parishioners be asked to foot the bill for clerical sex

    abuse compensation claims? BISHOP Denis Brennan is asking parishes in the Diocese of Ferns to help the church pay outstanding compensation and legal bills arising from clerical sex abuse cases. The bishop made his controversial appeal while addressing the AGM of the diocesan finance committee in...
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    Why is there negative clerical / clergy stereo types?

    Why do a lot of young people hold negative clerical / clergy stereo types when most of these are untrue and hurtful to good people? For example: Roman Catholic Priest - Paedophile Protestant Minister - Womaniser Female Protestant Minister - Shy Lesbian Muslim Cleric - Extremist Terrorist...