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    What service do coupn clipping service do?

    what do they do?
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    Is there any good software for clipping down mp3 files for ringtones?

    I want to create a few ring tones out of Joy Division songs for a new phone I purchased today, so I can then upload them to Zune and transfer them to my phone. Is there any way of clipping songs down into say 30 seconds snippets for ring tones? Thanks.
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    how to identify subwoofer distortion and/or clipping?

    my system: alpine mrp-m500 amplifier alpine DVC 4 ohm type r 12" ported box (specs match the subs recommended box specs) 8 gague scosche wire kit. anyhow on the amp there are 3 knobs ( gain, bass eq, and lp filter) i want to set the all of the knobs so that i can get the best and loudest sound...
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    can i find an old newspapper clipping from 1995 and read it online?

    coronado hotel in san diego
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    Dogs vs. The Vet: Nail Clipping Dangers! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!?

    Here is the problem, I have two dogs Harley and Pandora. I asked a question about Pandora before and it turned out. She wasn't confident and was afriad, so by upping her confidence and over-coming her fear she has come a long way. Now we just have to get passed the vet and this is for both...
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    Clipping problem with DJ equipment? JBL JRX125s and JRx118s speakers pwd by two

    Crown XLS802d, BBE crossovers? Here is our setup: 4 JRX125 dual 15" speakers powered by two crown xls-802ds 2 JRX118s subwoofers (dual 18") powered by one crown xls802d BBE Max-X2 crossover When running the speakers at about half to 3/4 volume, we get the clipping warning lights. We have the...