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    How do I fix my steering column on a 1993 LS 400 Lexus?

    My tilt wheel gear is locked in the top position and the automatic switch gear wont lower the column.
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    In Excel, how do I subtract from column C, each time I update column B?

    I am trying to create an annual leave excel spreadsheet. I would like to have column B as the annual leave taken, such as 8 hours. I would like to have column C as hours remaining for the whole year. Column C would start with a total of 308 hours. Any help appreciated, thank you
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    Column Editing in Emacs (cua mode)

    This is very nice: hat tip: Got Emacs? Read the comments on this post...
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    Ringtones column on itunes?

    Ok I have the very latest version of itunes (I downloaded it today) and I don't have the ringtones column. I searched it and when onto view options but there's no ringtone option. Since I have the latest version Im not sure what to do..... Pleeaase hellp!!! :)
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    A good introduction for my Advice Column?

    Okay so, I'm responsible for the advice column in the school newspaper. It's the first issue so I have to write an introduction first. 2 paragraphs! Any good ideas? Because I feel like mine are so lame: like, "Having an issue with your family or friends? Do you feel like you have too much...
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    Help with 89 Ford F 150 Steering Column?

    I am replacing the steering column in my 89 Ford F150 (C6 Automatic on column). How do I remove the Gear linkage on the column?
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    Kansas City Star Column Profiles Young Advocate Inspired By Tiller's Work

    On Monday, Kansas City Star columnist Jene Osterheldt profiled 20-year-old Emily Boyer, a college student and volunteer with Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri who "changed the course of [her] studies" after Kansas-based abortion provider George Tiller was murdered in May 2009. Tiller...
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    on a 2000 w reg fiat punto mk 2 what on earth is a LOWER STEERING COLUMN UNIVERSAL

    JOINT? please see title for description, i have had an mot done on my fiat punto mk2 W reg 2000, and thats what it failed on... can anyone tell me where or what that is, and is it an expensive part to replace, UK answers please
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    In EXCEL how can you copy all the cells in a row and make them into a column please?

    So that B1 becomes A2 etc. Sorry if this question has just been asked by me previously. It didn't come up so I am trying it again. Thanks for any help received.
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    Column, Editorial Examine Abortion Issues In Mich. Gubernatorial Primaries

    As Michigan voters head to the polls today, the gubernatorial primary candidates have switched their focus from jobs to abortion. Two opinion pieces recently examined the issues surrounding the shift. Summaries appear below. ~ Brian Dickerson, Detroit Free Press: Last month, officials from both...
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    KHN Column -- High-Risk Pools: A Rare Opportunity For Bipartisanship

    In his latest Kaiser Health News column, Harold Pollack writes: "This month a key program created by the new health overhaul law, the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, becomes operational in many states. Over the next 40 months, this high-risk insurance pool will provide $5 billion to...
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    Where can I buy a 2000 Dodge Neon steering column mount?

    I have a 2000 Dodge Neon and the steering column mount has broken, so I need a new one. I have searched online but couldn't exactly find what I need.
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    Does anyone know average cost to repair steering column on 1998 Ford Expedition EB?

    My truck has been feeling a bit(more often then not) goofy when driving. It may be a number of things, I have thought maybe ball joints, axle, alignment..but last night I drove it and when getting ready to leave my car ignition would not turn off car. We disconnected battery and truck was...
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    98 honda accord ex v6 key stuck in steering column?

    Lately I would put the car in park and sometimes i can remove key and sometimes not. As off last night the key will not turn all the way back so i can remove it
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    Planned Parenthood President Responds To New York Times Column On Global Family Plan

    Nicholas Kristof's recent New York Times column on challenges to family planning in developing nations "rightly prescribes more than just dispensing birth control pills in helping women make informed reproductive choices," Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards writes...
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    Is a 95 jeep Wrangler YJ steering column the same as a 92 Jeep Wrangler YJ?

    Can you use these parts in a 92 jeep?
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    KHN Column: Popular But Ineffective: Repealing Insurers' Antitrust Exemption

    In today's Kaiser Health News column, Austin Frakt and Ian Crosby write: It is well known that concentration in the health insurance industry is to blame for rapidly rising premiums. Well known, but wrong. Taking political advantage of this common misconception, last week the House passed a bill...
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    KHN Column: Obama's Respite Care Plan - Part Of The Problem, Not A Solution

    In his latest Kaiser Health News column, Howard Gleckman writes: "President Barack Obama wants to increase funding for a government program intended to make it easier for family caregivers to get respite care. These hard-pressed families desperately need the helping hand. But the White House...
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    KHN Column: Give Nurses A Bigger Role In Improving Health Care

    In a column for Kaiser Health News, Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, writes the following: "Skilled health provider. Sympathetic caregiver. Trusted dispenser of medicines. Capable interpreter of complicated medical instructions. Coordinator of care...