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    Why do casual boxing fans compare Roger to Floyd?

    Don't forget that Floyd's win over Oscar was a split decision. It is quite possible to give Oscar the win in that fight. But yeah, Floyd is a million times better than Roger.
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    Christians, what is a "fact" and how do your beliefs compare to facts?

    I just want to see if you understand what a fact is well enough to articulate it. Because, I'm beginning to think none of you has a clue about what a fact is. <---------- atheist "I wonder if you are asking whether God confirms His existence to us in reality. The answer is yes." No, I want to...
  3. W

    Why do some right leaners people compare gays to?

    Rape and molestation or bestiality How is that related to two consenting adults. I just want to under stand their logic.
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    Please compare Lexus LX vs Toyota Land Cruiser LC VX and Mercedes Benz GL Class.?

    Please gimme the details of suspension, comfort and luxury of above mentioned cars.
  5. R

    Compare windows mobile and symbian mobile?

    Which is good
  6. C

    Why do people compare 'Harry Potter' and 'Twilight'?

    There are so many huge differences between the two books/films, the main one being 'Harry Potter' is about friendship, love, loss and bravery, whereas 'Twilight' is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.
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    Interesting Compare and Contrast essay topics?

    I have to do a compare and contrast essay for english but I'm stuck on what I should write about. I was thinking of comparing both of my cultures because I'm mixed but idk. The topics have to be relatable in some way not like comparing an apple and horse together, like theres nothing in common...
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    How does Skype compare on ipad 2 and android?

    I am trying to choose between an Ipad 2 or a similar android tablet (been looking at the samsung 2 10.1 oe similar) The biggest use will be in internet, emails, online games, web streaming (mostly bbc 1player) and Skype. Skype is really important, although the no 1 person we'll be wanting to...
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    Do you find easy to compare hotel rates?

    I believe the booking sites make it a bit difficult to understand what the final cost of a booking is, you need to nearly complete the booking process before all the costs come out and add up to the total cost (sometimes even after booking you are left with "other fees that hotel may charge" but...
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    Please help me ):

    I'm trying to write a compare and contrast essay, and I am having an extremely hard time. Can someone please help me?! The topic is narrative fiction vs. science fiction.
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    Kiwis to test and compare their Internet with new NZ Broadband Test

    REANNZ is launching the New Zealand Broadband Test, a local website that allows Kiwis to test and compare their broadband connection.
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    Poll : Is Christians are very good and polite people compare to other religions ?

    I have observed most of the time Christians are very polite , guide others and encourage others in improving knowledge , encourage in learning ..
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    Can you compare to nominal variables in SPSS?

    I am trying to compare two nominal variables together but am not sure how to make it work on spss. For example one variable is AF (Yes or no) and the other is bleed event (bleed or no bleed). I would like to know how many of the people who had AF (yes) had a bleed. anyone know how to do this on...
  14. R

    Compare Android v/s symbian phone?

    Compare both feature and concluid best one?
  15. V

    how much does street bike insurance compare to a sport cars?

    Right now I have an 06 wrx sti, insurance is crazy with me being 19 and not having the greatest record. i've been wanting to get a bike(starting with a ninja 250 probably, no experience aside from some dirt bikes when I was younger) for when spring rolls around, but if it's as high as my sti...
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    Nice Phone compare to IPhone 4S ?

    Hello All, Anyone knows the same Mobile Phones or more fuctions that has IPhone 4S ? Thanks & Regards Jatin
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    Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet: How do they compare?

    [No message]
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    Any Interesting compare and contrast topics?

    This is for an essay i have to do in composition. I need some good ideas that i can get 3 solid reasons to compare and contrast from. thanks :)
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    Compare the 2011 Aaron Rogers season and the 1989 Montana season. Which one

    do you think was better.? I don't just want stats. I want mechanics and QB smarts.
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    Can anyone compare and contrase kindle fire vs ipad for me?

    WHat should i buy kindle fire or ipad?