1. R

    hello guy's I have recently buy Samsung note 2 and Samsung tab 2 can i connect them

    both using WiFi? samsung glaxy not 2 and tab 2
  2. S

    How you connect Bluetooth portable speaker? Do I need Bluetooth some where?
  3. M

    Can I connect microphone to handheld JVC camcoder?

    Can I connect microphone to ? if not can you give me example which one can? price max 650$. Thank you in advance.
  4. B

    how to connect a blue ray dvd player to a large screen hd tv?

    mitsubishi 1080 hd tv
  5. K

    Windows 8 Samsung tablet saying connect camera?

    When I go to the camera app it says please a connect a camera...its got one built in and was working fine before
  6. D

    Can I connect TV to bluetooth?

    I have an older model Motorola TV. I need to connect it to blue tooth or another device that will allow me to hear it from a distance. I also do not need this to deactivate the speakers.
  7. T

    how to connect a monitor to a motorola cpx 8000 series server?

    I have a motorola cpx 8000 server .I want to use it for something but i don't see any way to hook a monitor , it did come with a linux os disk . I have no idea what i can do with this i guess.
  8. P

    I have new phone. it wont connect. says password error. im 71 dont

    remember which ive used or alt. email addr.? Name is peter admore [email protected] phone 0274699679 if you could forward correct password to [email protected] appreciated.
  9. J

    how to connect blue ray Coaxial to RCA?

    How to connect the blue ray player- coaxial audio output into home theater using RCA cables. is there any converter for this. please help...
  10. J

    how to connect blue ray Coaxial to RCA?

    How to connect blue ray coaxial audio output to a home theater system which is RCA support. is there any converter for the same??? please help me...
  11. M

    how to connect the MV300 ( a bluetooth headset ) to TV ?

    Hello all I have an MV300 headset and this is it picture it comes with no transmitter as it connect directly with your bluetooth device. I want to use it with my TV ( no matter the model because it't unknown chinese brand Denka ) any ideas how to do...
  12. R

    My Samsung Camera Will Not Connect To YouTube, Please Help Me?

    Everytime i would put in my ID/Email and Password. It will say "ID or PW does not match." I know my YouTube account things like my email and my password. I don't know why it says that. Would someone help me with this, i just made a video and i dont wanna get on the computer. Please help me!
  13. J

    How do I connect my wii remote through bluetooth to my kindle fire HD?

    I've seen videos of the wii remote connecting to android devices but not a kindle fire HD. And I have all these apps that work on android device like the wii mote app. Bit I need a pin code to connect through Bluetooth on my kindle fire and I don't know. Some does someone out there have any...
  14. M

    Ares says connecting, won't connect or download?

    It's allowed through my firewall and all that stuff. Don't know what else to try. I'm on windows 8 if that matters.
  15. M

    How do i find the dr mad ringtones in the files and folders when i connect my...

    ...Xperia U to my windows computer? I'm going to be getting a new phone and i'm backing up the valuable files from my Xperia U. I love the ringtones and notifications by Dr Mad so i was wondering if they can be located when file browsing the phone's files whilst connected to the laptop. Any help...
  16. L

    What cables do i need to connect my macbook pro to my samsung plasma display TV?

    I'm not computer savvy so please excuse my stupidness I bought my macbook in 2011 i looked up on other post about something about a thunderbolt port and a minidisplay port. it seems my laptop only has a thunderbolt port. and a camera card port and another that looks like using wires for...
  17. J

    Can I connect my Blue Ray console to watch movies on my Laptop?

    I have a Blue Ray console with the HDMI cable but I don't currently have a TV to connect it to. Can I somehow connect it to my Laptop to watch movies in it?
  18. A

    How can I connect my cell phone with my laptop by bluetooth?

    I want to connect my Nokia 2690(cell phone) with my laptop by bluetooth. I have window 7 on my laptop. Please give me detailed info, how can I connect them?
  19. B

    How can I connect the Studio Beats by bluetooth to my iphone?

    I have the Studio Beats and I would like to connect them to my iphone by bluetooth. I try turning them on and going into settings but the beats do not appear there. How can i connect them. THEY ARE THE STUDIO BEATS NOT THE WIRELESS BEATS.
  20. R

    I cant connect my bluetooth keyboard to my kindle fire hd?

    I got a keyboard for my kindle fire hd 7" and it worked perfectly fine for a while, but all of a sudden it stopped working. I unpaired the keyboard and tried to connect to it again, but it can't communicate with the keyboard. The numbers that I have to type on the keyboard show up, and after I...