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    How to convince your parents to buy a PSP?

    Can u give some suggest on convincing your parents to buy a PSP, but i already have a PS2, and they think due to the PS2 my grades are fallen and if they buy a PSP it will be worse. but my grades are almost ok 80%.please give me some suggestion on it to convince them.
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    How to convince my parents to get me a phone?

    All my friend has it but not me. I got an iPhone 3GS when it came out. And now I feel that phone is out dated. So I stopped using it for a year. And I wanted an iPhone 5 badly. If I could go to work, I would. But sadly I am just 13. I always ask my mom if I can change my phone. She said " You...
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    What do I say to convince my parents to let me adopt a the smallest breed...

    ...of dog that can live outdoors??? My dad said I can adopt any breed of dog,but she has to stay outdoors! I need to Know the smallest breed for a small house that can tolerate cats. And can you give me dog care tips THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How can I convince my friend NOT to go to Iran?

    I have an Iranian friend and we've been friends for about 4 months. She just told me that during the summer, she's going to visit Iran and I kept trying to tell her it's not safe, but she wouldn't listen and I have proof that it's not safe: Please help...
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    How to convince my parents to let me get a VW van?

    I really want a vw westfalia (think 1970's), I'm planning on saving up my money and buying one for myself. I talked to my parents about it, and my dad said no since that's my sisters dreamcar. I've always liked the car too, she just expressed it more in front of everyone, and my dad says that...
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    Convince parents to let my boyfriend come on vacation?

    So every summer my family goes to six flags and stuff and recently my sisters boyfriend is always with us and its a pain the ass (i obviously hate him) but my mom like loves him, my dad doesn't mind. BUT this time we are going to Orlando My sisters boyfriend has gone with us 4 times already, in...
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    How can i convince my sister to not go on a cruise trip?

    So this summer me my best friend his mom and my mom we are planning on going on Caribbean. But my sister doesn't even want to go but she doesn't want to stay home while we go on a trip. And she even hates my friend. How can i convince her to stay? please help
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    How to convince my dad to let me go on vacation with my boyfriend.?

    I'm 17 and he's 19 , but his family and family friends are going with. And his sister who is my age is bringing her boyfriend with. And we would be sleeping in separate rooms I'd be with his sister. He'd be with his sisters boyfriend. The problem is I don't know how to convince my dad to say yes...
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    How to convince parents to get cell phone?

    live with my grandmother & she bought me a prepaid phone, there's nothing wrong with it but its pretty much just for emergencies. i do free chores around my house. my grandmother is really old fashion so she doesn't think i need one. all my friends have real phones & its embarrassing to have a...
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    How do i convince my mom to let my boyfriend come on vacation with me?

    Okay so we are going to the beach spring break and I want him to come. We are both 13. My mom knows I don't do anything sexual and I would NEVER do anything like that, we haven't even had our first kiss yet so yeah. The beach is 4 hours away from where we live .. but yeah I haven't asked her yet...
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    How do i convince my friend to join my religion?

    ok so my friend is has never had a religion and now he wants to get involved with church, but he doesn't know which one. he wants to pick between catholic or christian. i am a catholic, and i want to explain to him what my religion is, so what are some things that we believe in, that christians...
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    how to convince your mom and/or dad to let you chose were to go for vacation?

    as you know spring break is coming and my parents always make it family week and i don't mined that but let just say they aren't the best for choosing were to go. they always chose camping trips or family time whit grandma but where i really want to go is Miami beach in case you need extra info...
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    How to convince my mom to let me have a friend come on vacation with us?

    My family might go on vacation over spring break. I'm 15 and we would be taking an 18 hour car ride to california to visit family and go to the beach. I really want my friend to come with us! How can I persuade my mom into allowing my friend to come with us? She said she would pay for herself btw.
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    How do i convince my mom to let me go to Warped Tours?

    So I've always wanted to go. Me and my friend are planning to go together. How do i convince my mom to let me go? My mom is overprotective. She might think it is unsafe. What should i say to her?
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    How to convince parents to ride sport bike on street?

    I'm 15 and about to get my motorcycle permit and iv been riding dirt bikes since I was around 8 or 9 but my mom said no and my dad that even owns and rides a zx6r said he trust me just not other people which I completely agree with, people just don't watch out, but I have rode his zx6r on the...
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    How to convince your dad not to buy a smartphone?

    My dad(who I never get on with and personally thinks is bullying my mother, my sister and i, and who i also think is a mentally disabled/unstable psychopath, and who is responsible for all despair and angst in my family) has walked into the room and declared he is going to buy a samsung galaxy...
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    i want a should i convince him to buy me one?

    him = dad!
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    Does this convince you about who to vote for?

    Romney’s record on jobs and education: -10/1/11 When Romney left office the unemployment rate had fallen to 4.7% (so “job creation” would naturally decline). -6/7/12 "The ad [democrat] states that job creation in Massachusetts “fell” to 47th under Romney...
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    How can I convince my boyfriend that some PDA is okay?

    So we've been together for a month but we've liked each other for about 8 months and have been friends for around 14 months. Anyway, when we're out like at the movies or something he won't hold my hand or kiss me or anything. But last night we were alone and he actually put his arm around me...
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    How to convince parents to let me go on 4day cruise with bf ?

    ***THIS WILL BE LONG - DON'T *****...IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ&HELP GTFO**** ok my 21st bday is in beg. of december. I really wanted to go on a cruise so I looked into it and the prices, etc. Now, my boyfriend I have been with since early-mid march so by decemeber we'll have been together like...