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    motorola cp200 programming?

    WHERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK TO RVN4191 CPS.???? Please someone, where can i download RVN4191 CPS I have the usb cable and radio need the software to RVN4191 CPS-Customer Programming Software PLEASE :(
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    How do i program my Motorola Radius CP200 two way radio?

    On the left side of the radio there are 2 buttons that are supposed to be programmable, i want to program one for battery life and the other for scan. Ive searched google and Motorola website.
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    So I have two batteries, one power cell NI-CD and a motorola NI-CD. My question is whenever i charge my Motorola NI-CD BAttery, it is always saying the voltage is too low. But when i charge my power cell NI-CD battery, it doesnt do that. Even if it is drained completely and has no juice for 15...
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    Motorola CP200 Battery Storage Question?

    Hello there i am a radio collector and i have 2 NI-CD batteies for my Motorola CP200 Radio. My question is that how can i store these batteries? Can you guys give me some ideas and tips and ways. Please and Thank You
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    Motorola CP200 programming?

    Does anybody knows witch CPS Version is compatible with a cp200 Ver No: r03.03.02 to program the radio?