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    Why i cant creat an account in live mocha with my nokia c5.00?

    i wanna creat an account in livemocha but when i clicked in sign up button they said ''_os_unknown Support Coming Soon!''what can i do?i dont have pc..
  2. L

    How to creat my own dvd?

    I have lots of vedio files and I need a software which can convert and burn all walks of video files on personal computer into standard DVD disc which can be enjoyed on Standalone DVD players. Who can give me some recommendation? Thank you!
  3. C

    why creat id in facebook?

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    How to creat a highlight video using DVD's.?

    I need to make a highlight video of some hockey games I have on DVD. How do I do this? Step by step instructions would be helpful. Thanks
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    do you know/think that the nintendo dsi will ever creat something that works... a gba pack later? i was thinking something seperate, that you can like connect to wirelessly or something, or somemthing that goes into the sd slot. OR this just came to my mind. if you have the cerial number of your gba game, you can download a rom of it from a nintendo official site and...