1. G

    Does anyone have any advice on hiking the Pacific Crest Trail?

    I am looking to hike the Yosemite area for a three to four day hike. What is a good starting point and pick up point going north towards Tahoe? I usually do 1 day hikes this will be the first over night. I do alot of camping, and do have all the light weight equipment that I will need. Any...
  2. N

    Bell family crest help??????

    I've been searching and i cant find any thing but i know its supposed to be PURPLE with YELLOW bells. PLZ HELP>???? :D
  3. L

    What is the meaning of the Mandalorian crest?

    Anyone know what this crest means. I know the crest is associated with boba fett from star wars. I think it would make a bad ass tatttoo but I want to know its meaning before I actually think about doing it. Hears a pic for those wondering what i'm talking about...
  4. M

    a wave crest asses a boat every 4.0 seconds what is the frequency of the waves ?

    i have no idea :(
  5. C

    Vongola crest in cambio forma mode pic?

    ive been searching for this picture for a while and cant find any better ones. its from a show called "kateikyoushi hitman reborn. does anyone know where i can find a clear image of this? thanks!!!
  6. J

    What do the yellow stars above a football team's crest mean?

    Just wondered. I noticed that Bayern had 3 of these stars, and now they have 4, even though Wolfsburg won the title. What do they mean?
  7. S

    Can I still use my Crest Premium White Strips after the date on the box?

    I've had this thing of crest white strips for some time now. I recently got my (top) braces off and wanted to use them, only problem is the date is 9-11-2005 (YIKES). So my question is, will the white strips work when the date is some 4 years old?? I was also wondering if its a problem to only...
  8. S

    Should I believe the "brown stain" stories on the internet about Crest

    Pro Health Toothpaste and Rinse? I just went to my dentist today and they gave me this specific mouthwash saying it was good for my gums. I have some bad gingivitis and I'd rather not rot out my gum into my jaw one day, so this seemed like a good idea. Googling it showed only a bunch of horror...
  9. A

    Information on Strawberry Crest High.?

    Pictures and everything idk if imma go there but i need help deciding. please help me!!! thanks in advance :] and btw does anyone know the new boudaries for Hillsborough County? gracias :]
  10. O

    Where can i buy crest white strips in IRELAND?

    do you know of any stores who sell crest white strips and how much? dont say you can buy them online by the way because i obviously know that already.
  11. K

    Twilight Cullen crest wristband?

    How do I buy and where do I buy the cullen crest wristband that Edward,Emmett and Jasper wear.I live in Ireland and I don't really want it shipped over so if anyone knows of an Irish website selling it PLEASE tell me I'm desperate.....Thanks.
  12. G

    Organic toothpaste VS. Crest Pro Health?

    Which one is better? I am trying to make everything I do organic, but are some of the chemicals in toothpaste actually good?