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    Animal Crossing New Leaf: Bell limit?

    Hi so on ACNL, everytime i sell something to reese on re-tail, and i end up with more than 100,000 bells on me, she puts my bells in a pouch? I have to make frequent deposits to the ATM thingy at the post office. Ive seen people carry around way more than 100,000 bells at a time. Is there...
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    A time travel Animal Crossing New Leaf question (read the info)?

    If I time travel to the future on AN:NL and unlocked lets say, a shop, when I traveled back into the past to the actual date would the shop still be there? Does this differ as to wether the shop is being built or is built?
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    Will there be an Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo DSi?

    I went to buy the game today an realised its only for 3ds. I was also wondering if you could download the game on the dsi shop using your nintendo points?
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    White knight chronicles or animal crossing ww?

    Okay I am getting a game, it is either white knight chronicles or animal crossing wild world. I don't know what to get cuz they both good games. Help me out?!
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    Neighbours moving away? Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)?

    This is a pretty simple question... is there actually a way to get neighbours to leave, or do they leave at random? I've been trying to get Benedict to leave my town for weeks now... I've looked online and done things like not talking to him, talking to him then cancelling the conversation and...
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    Need bells! Animal crossing city folk?

    I really need some bells and I wanted to know if someone who had hacked their game or who has a lot would let me come to their town and let me have some? I would really appreciate it!! Name- Macie City- Forever 0089-7062-0135 I know the rock trick, and I need LOTS, not a few thousands. And I...
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    Should they build a unmanned border crossing in Texas?

    I just read an article where the government is planning to build a unmanned border crossing for Mexico here in Texas. Why would the government do something so stupid? Border violence has never been worse some of the most dangerous cities in America are little towns by the border. Drug traffic...
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    In the game, Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS what happens when

    you want to move to a new town? Like, what things would you be able to keep and what things go away?
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    Autonomous Wave Gliders Attempt Historic Solo Pacific Crossing [Science]

    As NASA prepares to launch the Curiosity rover to explore Mars at the end of the month, a small fleet of Wave Gliders, autonomous sea-faring vehicles, have set sail on an equally audacious journey—swimming unassisted across of the Pacific Ocean. More »
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    Animal Crossing CITY FOLK Friends who can Duplicate and have hacks for

    more bells need bells.? Friend code 2752-2303-1801 NAME KC TOWN CONNTOWN Only have Apples, and a town that is in need of bells and a patient friend with knowledge and possibly hacks! Thanks in advance.
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    How do I become an animal on Animal Crossing DS?

    I have the game and I know you need to change the town tune to all G's and pay 20g for your mortgage. Then turn the game off then turn it back on again. But do I save before turning it off? And are the G's Low or high? HELP PLZ):
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    Animal Crossing City Folk: Using bells cheat gives me an apple ticking all with

    wallet. Why? And what can I do with it? Or is it useless?
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    Animial crossing city folk friend codes? ?

    I just got this game yesterday and I was wondering if there was anyone online right now? Add me if so. I'll be playing this for a while. And all next week too. Very addictive. Code: 4427-4743-4870 Name: Nessa Town: Nokio Thanks guys and happy playing!
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    What are the best hiking shoes for crossing a river?

    I went on a lot of backcountry hikes over the summer. They involve climbing a mountain and occasionally having to cross a river. My hiking boots are great for mountain climbing/rock scrambling. They support my ankle very well and allow me to walk in ways I couldn't with tennis shoes. They're...
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    URGENT !!!!!!!!!!!!! animal crossing ww ds?

    on animal crossing i need a list of all the villagers and their name . and i need a good website . i have already been to but i dont know where to look to see there pics . thx
  16. J


    How do you get peoples pictures and whats the easiest way too . thankss
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    Animal crossing wild world DS lite HELP ! A.S.A.P?

    1 - what time does brewsters coffee open ?. 2- how to you visit people's town using a code .? please answer quick ! add on to q1 wat time does coffe man shut
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    Want to Trade Animal Crossing City Folk Friend Codes?

    I'm looking for some new places to visit and people to exchange fruit and other goodies with. My info: Name: Noodles Town: gooch Code: 1850 2751 9844 I have oranges, coconuts and peaches! Reply to this post and I'll open the gate! thanks! I'M ON NOW!
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    Crossing Arms Reduces Pain Intensity By Confusing The Brain

    If you have a pain, for example in your hand, and you cross your arms over the midline, it reduces the intensity of that sensation of pain by confusing the brain, scientists from University College London reported in the journal Pain. The researchers think that conflicting information between...
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    Babies and passports? Crossing the CDN-US border?

    This summer, we will be crossing the border by car into the US for some vacation time. Our daughter will be 1 year old by the time we go, but I just had one question regarding it. I know that if you are crossing the border by car that she doesn't need a passport, just a valid birth certificate...