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    Christians, if you are feeling evil homosexual thoughts, this is how to cure...

    ...yourself...? Get three long metal rods, then stick each one into a different hole in a plug socket. Stick the rods in your eyes, and flick the switch! The world is now a better place with less evilness and depravity. Even if you don't get such sinful thoughts, do this anyway! It prevents...
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    Sofosbuvir Offers High Cure Rate For Two Hepatitis C Subtypes

    Sofosbuvir, a new drug, is offering impressive cure rates for Hepatitis C patients with two subtypes of the disease - genotypes 2 and 3, according to researchers led by Weill Cornell Medical College. Approximately 1 in every 4 hepatitis C patients in the USA has one of these two subtypes...
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    Study Suggests New Target For Treatment And The Eventual Cure Of HIV/AIDS

    Human cells have an intrinsic capacity to destroy HIV. However, the virus has evolved to contain a gene that blocks this ability. When this gene is removed from the virus, the innate human immune system destroys HIV by mutating it to the point where it can no longer survive... More...
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    Is religion just a cure for the fear of death?

    Are people are so afraid to die that they will believe anything that makes them seem eternal?
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    Cold Remedy Mega-Roundup: 30 Natural Remedies To Treat Or Cure A Cold

    A compendium of natural ways to fight colds and cold symptoms. Herbal remedies, foods that ease coughs and aches, old-fashioned home remedies and practical tips for keeping well this winter. More » Cold Remedy Mega-Roundup: 30 Natural Remedies To Treat Or Cure A Cold is a post from Blisstree -...
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    Malaria Cure Step Closer With Discovery Of Parasite's Cloaking Device

    A team in Israel believes the hope of a cure for malaria is a step closer after discovering a genetic cloaking device that the parasite uses to evade the immune system and establish infection. They suggest a treatment that interferes with the DNA of the cloaking device could give the immune...
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    The Number 1 Thing You Can Do To Help Find An Alzheimer’s Disease Cure

    The most important thing you can do to contribute to a cure for Alzheimer's disease doesn't cost anything and doesn't require running shoes. What people working to find a treatment that delays or prevents Alzheimer's need is for as many people as possible to sign up for the Alzheimer's...
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    Replacing Diseased Immune System With A Healthy One To Cure Chrohn's Disease

    In a new clinical trial, researchers from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center set out to test the theory that giving Crohn's disease patients a new immune system can cure severe cases of the disease. Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract with...
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    Study Finds Egg Allergy Cure: Eating Eggs

    With food allergies on the rise in the U.S., a new study claiming that daily egg exposure could cure egg allergies in kids is fairly bright news. allergy desensitization, or "oral immunotherapy," isn't brand new; many claim that local honey consumption can help acclimate seasonal...
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    Morning Links: 3 Yoga Moves To Cure Office Slouch

    • Looking hot is all about what's going on inside, not outside. *(IntentBlog) • Can french fries ever be healthy? (HuffPost Healthy Living) • If 'fight constantly' describes your relationship, you should watch this video. (YourTango) • Dairy-free ice cream recipes to make your summer better...
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    Komen For The Cure Partners With Marvel, But Should We Forgive Them Yet?

    Komen for the Cure has a new partnership with Marvel comics. But it might take more than the Avengers to fix the charity's reputation. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Scientists Have Found a Possible Cure for Ebola [Science]

    Ebola is an incredibly aggressive virus that kills 90 percent of people it infects, and it is often feared that its use as a biological weapon could wipe out millions of people—because it has no known cure. Now, though, scientists are one step closer to finding a solution, because they can now...
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    Herbal Health Cure Products

    Herbs-Solutions-By-Nature is an online store under operation since 8 years. This is a company which manufactures herbal tablets to cure the most rigid diseases in humans. It specializes in producing the best ever herbal formulas which have no side effects and offer guaranteed cure...
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    Fewer Women Racing For The Cure This Year: Bad For Komen, Good For Women?

    On Sunday, the Susan G. Komen Foundation will hold its annual Mother's Day Race for the Cure, one of the organization's biggest fundraising events. But this year, race registrations around the country have dropped significantly, a situation most are attributing to*Komen's February decision to...
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    Can Siri Find a Cure for Cancer? [Video]

    Can Siri help you find a cure for cancer? As it stands, this is a bit beyond the skills of the talking virtual assistant on Apple's iPhone. But British Telecom is putting her through a kind of biomedical training. Last month, at a conference in Boston, BT's Bas Burger used Siri to launch a mock...
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    Why is there no cure for the common cold?

    I'm not a medical professional but I believe science has not found any cure for the common cold as of yet. Can anyone confirm this and answer me why?
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    cure for bells palsy?

    how can i cure my bells palsy?
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    Tara Stiles’ 3-Step Cure For ‘Office Body’

    The yoga world may be*buzzing about injury, but*Tara Stiles*is focused on how yoga can cure. In her new book,*Yoga Cures, which hits shelves tomorrow, the celeb yogi explains how yoga can help ease an alphabet of more than 50 ailments, from anxiety to not getting enough Zzzs. More »Post from...
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    Christians, would jesus prevent to cure to cancer in children?

    Didn't he go around healing people? And Conservative Christians who vote = Republicans who fight against Stem-Cell Research which has been used to treat and cure cancer in other nations. Why are American Christians allowing children with cancer to suffer unnecessarily?
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    Is there a cure for diabetes?

    I havent had any tests done or anything but I think i might have type2 diabetes. What are some symptoms for this. I al 6'2 280lbs and 17 and am on the wrestling team.