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    Is DC supply to a motor damaged if voltage is suddenly reduced?

    Consider a DC motor driven by a DC supply. When supply voltage is suddenly reduced back emf becomes momentarily more than the supply voltage, which should drive a current in the circuit opposing the polarity of the supply. Will this damage the DC supply due to wrong polarity?
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    Can I part exchange my damaged car (pictures)?

    lt has been in an accident but it's not severely damaged. The bumper has been attached using wires, replaced side wing, and it has a dent size of a fist on the other side. Here are the pictures of the damage...
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    My cellphone Sony Ericsson mk16i body is damaged where can I get change?

    I have purchased my Sony Ericsson mk16i from Singapore, and it's body is been damaged so where can I get it change
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    Are there juicer recipes for damaged hair/hair health & growth?

    I'm new to juicing and I've been listing all the juicer recipes that I'm interested to try. I just don't know if there is a recipe specifically for the hair's health as I know I've found a recipe for skin glow.
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    my sony ericsson xperia z got water damaged?

    oh wait
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    Am I able to call into Rogers if my phone is damaged and get a replacement if i

    dont go into a store? my iPhone 4s stopped working all of a sudden, I don't live near a rogers or apple store so i was wondering if i call into Rogers and explain what happened would they just send me a new phone or will they have to see it? Im desperate please help
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    How Autophagy Keeps Neural Stem Cells Ready To Replace Damaged Brain And Nerve Cells

    Deep inside your brain, a legion of stem cells lies ready to turn into new brain and nerve cells whenever and wherever you need them most. While they wait, they keep themselves in a state of perpetual readiness - poised to become any type of nerve cell you might need as your cells age or get...
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    Was my cellphone screen badly damaged by liquid?

    The screen of my Nokia E6-00 appears to have been in touch with a damp surface ( the pH of the liquid was probably slightly lower than that of water) for some hours yet it still works perfectly, in fact, I only noticed the whole thing whilst transferring some data from the phone to my computer...
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    How do a CD/DVD get damaged?

    I want to ask that how does a CD/DVD get damaged or we cant load data from the CD/DVD in our computer and is there any liquid in the CD/DVD which is once used all,the CD/DVD will stop working? Any way to repair them? Please help! Thanks!
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    Have any sattelites been damaged or destroyed by meteorites?

    With the amount of space dust and larger impacting the earth daily, some damage must have happened.
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    Damaged Goods Author, Alexandra Allred. - Jan 11,2013

    Alexandra Allred, author of Damaged Goods: "I would love to introduce you to a most unusual book. It is part fiction, part non-fiction. It is a powerful book of environmentalism, big industry and corrupt politicians and outrageous southern women. It is the story of my hometown -- the very one...
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    iPhone Data Recovery after Broken,Stolen and Damaged

    Number 1: "I unintentional deleted a few photo's from my iPhone after taking pictures, and I truly need rid of it. The apple iphone was not really synced to be able to iTunes prior to the photo had been deleted or after the particular pic was taken. Is there any way to get any erased photos back...
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    help with samsung laptop?i have samsung rv410 laptop and it's charger is damaged.?

    so how can i get a new origin charger for it....i mean how can i get in touch with the samsung site so i can order it online....i don't know how to send them order through mail....please help? thanks for the reply....but is there any way i could get them from samsung co...like.could you tell me...
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    Samsung 40in tv LCD panel is damaged where can i find a repair?

    The actual screen its self is ok its the small back light board that is attached by ribbon cables at the bottom that is the problem!! it had a fault capacitor, a very tiny one i tried to repair but it was just to small and beyond my skill at soldering :( but also when messing around with it the...
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    Warning: Diabetes Devices May Be Damaged By Airport Security Scanners

    Full-body or X-ray scanners used for airport security screening may affect the function of insulin pump or continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. People with diabetes can present a travel letter obtained from their physicians to avoid possible damage caused by exposure to imaging equipment...
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    Damaged Stem Cells Commit Suicide For The Good Of The Embryo

    Embryonic stem cells - those revered cells that give rise to every cell type in the body - just got another badge of honor. If they suffer damage that makes them a threat to the developing embryo, they swiftly fall on their swords for the greater good, according to a study published online in...
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    Severely Damaged Nerves May Be Regrown And Function Restored Using New Technique

    Engineers at the University of Sheffield have developed a method of assisting nerves damaged by traumatic accidents to repair naturally, which could improve the chances of restoring sensation and movement in injured limbs. In a collaborative study with Laser Zentrum Hannover (Germany) published...
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    Could the frame of my car been damaged in this picture?

    right above the wheel area* http://i1229.photobucket.com/albums/ee476/Allstarsauto/2004%20Hyundai%20XG350L-2/P1110003.jpg
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    Water damaged to iPhone 4S?

    A cup of water had spelled next to my iPhone and I was worried that water damage would be an issue. There are no obvious signs but a little water was found around it and a tiny bit in the case. Does water damage happen immediately where the phone acts funny or does it take time? Please let me...
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    Neighbor damaged My Property while they cut tree on their property, where I...

    ...should go to complain? I live in Toronto Canada. I am a new house owner. There was a tree in neighbors property close my house. They are building a new house in their property for that they are cut that tree. While cutting the tree they damaged my roof. So I don't know where I should complain...