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    Deployed dad makes surprise return ?*disguised as catcher while daughter throws first

    This one might get you misty: Nine-year-old Alayna Adams threw out the first pitch before Thursday's Tampa Bay Rays-Boston Red Sox game. She was told she'd been selected by the U.S.O. for the honor, partially because her father, Lt. Col. Will Adams, had been deployed overseas in Afghanistan for...
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    Study Of Traumatic Brain Injury, Suicide Risk In Deployed Military Personnel

    JAMA Psychiatry Study Highlights A study by Craig J. Bryan, Psy.D., A.B.P.P., of the National Center for Veterans Studies, Salt Lake City, Utah, suggests that suicide risk is higher among military personnel with more lifetime traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Patients included 161 military...
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    How much does it cost to fix a airbag that has been deployed? (1997 Honda Accord)?

    I was going to buy this car that I found on Craigslist, It was a 1997 Honda Accord. The ad said that the airbag was deployed (not due to an accident) so I didn't think anything of it. I'm suppose to meet him again sometime this week to buy the car (maybe). I'm just wondering how much will it be...
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    Can I suspend my husbands phone while he's deployed?

    I'll bug verizon eventually but have been on hold enough for one day. Anyone on here know? It's a short deployment....4 months. Thought that for maybe 2-3 of those months we could suspend his service somehow as he has a very expensive cell phone bill (like $100). He is a pilot, to qatar.
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    If my airbags in my volks wagon didnt deployed in an accident can i sue vw?

    i was in an accident and my airbags did not deployd. it was realy bad! the car looks totaled! only the passenger side did. witch was the side that git hit. but not the driver side or my steering wheel. and my face hit it but only got a fat lip.... wat u guys think???
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    When you write a letter to someone deployed....?

    can they write back? How do you know if they received it? I'm talking about a deployment to Afghanistan. Sorry if I sound like an idiot but I'd like to know.
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    Can anyone tell me bout army mos 68M... I currently deployed rite nw... I

    need as much as info as i can get...? I wanna knw what those a 68m do in a daily basis... How often to u deploy... Wer can u get station at... how the shdle like at work place... Pls i really need help on this MOS...
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    my ford mustang has deployed airbags how do i fix them?

    i just recently bought a ford mustang and the airbags are deployed due to a car accident the car had been in . but i was wondering if there was anyway to fix them. my car is a 1995 mustang automatic base model thanks for the help!
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    my job is a personnel apprentice in the air guard if I am deployed what would...

    ...i do would i go out and do? patrols as the security forces do or would i be on base doing personnel work such as paperwork etc. How likely is it that i will see combatand how likely is it that i would have to do a convoy patrol. I was told that the air guard are only doing voluntarily...
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    Ok, so I just joined the Air Force. If I'm deployed and I don't like it,...

    ...can I pretend to be a lesbian? I can be sent home?
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    Ok, so I just joined the Air Force. If I'm deployed and I don't like it,...

    ...can I pretend to be a lesbian? I can be sent home?
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    How can I remove recently deployed airbags from my 03 VW New Beetle?

    I just crashed my car, and most of the driver's side headlight area is gone. As expected the airbags deployed. Right. Is there anyway I can take these out myself? Also, would you say it is okay to purchase airbags from Ebay, and have a local mechanic install them? Thanks!
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    If I move to California do I need to, by law, replace the deployed airbags in my car?

    Here in Montana we've got deer everywhere. That's why my 97 Cavalier has no airbags and different colored body panels. It's a good car but not worth putting $1000s into.
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    Have any challenging riddles for my deployed husband?

    I need some challenging riddles. My husband is deployed right now and I'm trying to put a book together of different games like Sudoku and riddles to help pass his time (he likes that kind of stuff). Sooo was wondering if I could get some help on here. Please help me out with either a good site...
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    my husband is deployed and his truck won't start. How long will it need to be...

    ...plugged in to turn over. ? Spouse is deployed and I don't drive his truck. How long does it need to be plugged in before starting?? Also does it need to be started all the time or plugged in all the time. Will something happen to it if it freezes and then thaws out? 1st winter in Alaska and...
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    Motivations and techniques deployed in malicious attacks - used by Motorola?

    Hi, I need your help. I can't find information on "Motivations and techniques deployed in malicious attacks - used by Motorola". Someone please guide me to right direction? Thank you so much.