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    How late are bars open in Dewey Beach, DE?

    Im planning on going down there in July and Im wondering when the bars close? 1am? 2am? When the sun comes up?! Im also planning on going to Bottle and Cork, as Ive heard some great things, and id like to hear if anyones been there before?
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    Can someone give me a list of parodies in Walk Hard: Dewey Cox Story?

    Okay, the Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash parodies are pretty obvious. But can someone list the rest? For instance when he was tripping on LSD and made the song Black Sheep, who was the parody based on? I really love classic rock music, so it would be awesome to know. Thanks. Great movie by the way!
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    There's A Joke Here To Be Made About Dewey And Truman:

    LA Weekly continues high standard of New Times Village Voice Media music writing, assigns "I go to the Paul McCartney show at Amoeba and get crabby about it" story to stripper-store expert. [LA Weekly] </img> More...