1. C

    Can anyone tell me why my sattelite internet is almost as slow as dial-up?

    I used to have DSL but I moved and where I moved to doesn't get anything besides sattelite.. Now whether I'm hooked right up to the modem or try wireless it's the SLOWEST possible connection I've seen for a REAL long time. I know it's either the router or just the fact that its sattelite because...
  2. A

    Is AOL still a dial-up internet service?

    Im wondering because i havent used it in years.. I have the cable internet.. woulnt using phone lines for internet be obsolete now?
  3. J

    Can i connect my Dial-up internet to a Wireless Router and use it for 2 computers?

    i want to buy a Wireless Router but i have Dial-up connection. I've heard that you can connect a DSL to a Router but never heard about a Dial-up connected to a Router. Can it be done, and if so, can i use it for 2 computers?
  4. M

    Can I connect to the internet via cell phone and dialup?

    Can I take my tracfone, wire the headset jack to the modem on my computer, and use it to connect to the internet? I realize that I would have to punch in the number myself, but could I do that?
  5. G

    How to share internet from a dial-up modem through a laptop's wifi so that i can

    use it on my PSP? I'm using a ASUS T500 modem supporting 3.6Mbps and my laptop is ASUS EEE1000H supporting B,G,Draft-N, with Windows-XP, but i want to use internet on my PSP
  6. B

    I need advice on a good anti virus product for someone who has dial-up...

    ...internet service? My mom has dial up, not by choice, it is the only thing available in her area right now. So many of the anti virus services require you to have an open connection (dial up does not) to use their product. She needs to find a product to soon.
  7. M

    Is it rude to call my friend with dial-up internet repeatedly so I can bounce her

    off the internet? I do it for the giggles. She gets so mad when she's doing something important, but it's so funny when she yells at me. I'm trying to give her that extra push so she'll get high speed. Is that rude?
  8. J

    help with dial-up??? trying to connect pc to internet using dialup where do I

    get yahoo number username pword? I have a new pc with external modem which I need to connect using dial-up (no broadband here). I need a telephone number for yahoo, a username and password etc? where can I get them?
  9. S

    How to set up a dial-up internet connection in Ubuntu 7.10?? I a made a...

    ...connection but ………..? How to set up a dial-up internet connection in Ubuntu 7.10?? I a made a connection but when I connect the log says as follows... pon <connecton name> ppd 2.4.4 started by <username> uid 1000 Device ttys1 is locked by pid 5697 Exit How to unlock this pid 5697 ? How to...
  10. A

    free internet? NOT dial-up?

    Please?! &+ Dont Say Netzero And Juno!
  11. S

    How to Connect to Dial-Up Internet via Blackberry?

    Hello everyone. I've been researching how to do this all afternoon and haven't gotten very far. I'm sure this is a fairly common question and has probably been answered in the past, but I cant find it. I have a bluetooth enabled blackberry and laptop. I would like to know how to have my laptop...
  12. L

    What is the cheapest dial-up internet service deals?

    standard 56k
  13. W

    DirecTv and dialup to Verizon Fios?

    title.We want to know if its a good deal to get High speed internet and Fios Tv with Verizon.I'm sick of dial-up!!! I want something cheap but a great deal. Is having FiosTv and High speed better than direcTv and dial-up? Give me reasons to switch.
  14. C

    Finding a modem for dial-up internet access?

    I have an older Actiontec 56k modem that I need to replace. Can someone recommend a brand and/or a place where I can purchase one? I live in SoCal, and I'm thinking that Fry's may carry them. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  15. I

    Would i be able to play World of Warcraft on dial-up internet?

    im going to be visiting my parents for about a month and our house can only get dial-up internet (my parents live in the middle of nowhere lol) and i really want to play WoW while im there and i was wondering if it would be possible? i know there will be a lag.. but would i be able to play?
  16. B

    Is there anyone out there getting free unlimited dial-up internet access in the USA?

    I can't get high-speed access in my area so I have to use dial-up. I want free access. Someone mentioned the government gives it to you if you qualify? Any more info on that? Or other info? Or, perhaps, info as to how I can obtain high-speed if my phone company doesn't supply it, without paying...
  17. O

    AOL dialup internet help?

    A buddy of mine is unfortunate enough to have AOL dialup and wants to know if their is a way to convert it over to work with his ps3 or 360.
  18. F

    Is there any way to get faster internet on dial-up?

    I live out in the country and want faster service but can,t afford satelite.
  19. W

    Advice on truly canceling my stupid Verizon Dial-Up service?

    I've canceled my verizon dial-up service three times (I have verizon DSL) and yet they still charge me for both Dial-Up and DSL. I've canceled and canceled and it keeps showing up. Any advice?
  20. Z

    Is it possible to use dsl instead of dial-up access for one-way receive...

    ...satellite internet? In my country, most dsl providers limit monthly data transfer and unlimited transfer dsl account is too expensive.Is it possible to use dsl instead of dial-up access for one-way receive satellite internet? or in other words, is it possible to receive data via satellite...