1. J

    Windows 7 'A disk read error occurred press ctr+alt+delete to restart fix?

    It says that on the screen. I'm pretty sure my computer is doomed.. Is there any possible fix to this..? Please help!?
  2. L

    Need help with my lg lht764 5 disk changer surround sound home theatre system?

    I have an lht764 5 disk changer home theatre dvd player that my parents gave to me for my new apartment i didnt get any speakers but have the remote the manuel and the dvd player itself when i try to hook up my rca cables from the dvd player into the tv the movie plays but with no sound i had...
  3. D

    Why won't Netflix disk load on my DVD player?

    I bought an RCA TV/DVD combo. A regular store bought DVD loads up fine. I put in a DVD from Netflix, it starts loading, then says No Disc. The DVD player will take and eject the disc with no problem. Is there a setting that is required for Netflix disks?
  4. S

    Disk Utility could create an image of one dvd but not another, what should I do?

    I was able to copy a movie to my mac, but I wasn't able to copy another; this box popped up and said "permission denied". How can I fix this? BTW, there is no padlock on the mac's hardrive.
  5. G

    A disk read error occurred, press control alt delete to continue?

    Is there a way to fix this? It is a windows 7 toshiba satellite laptop, and I have the backup disks. However, whenever I put in disk 1 and boot from it after pressing f12 to enter the boot selection menu, it says it is loading files, then the screen stays blank for a long time, then there is a...
  6. L

    Aone DVD+R. Disk burning fail?

    The discs I bought for do not copy correctly. They all fail between the 70-90% mark. I have tried them on my brother in laws computer tonight using a pioneer DVD burner and has the same result. Failed at 72%.
  7. J

    a DVD disappeared in my disk drive where did it go?

    my sister was dicking around trying to watch a movie or some shit and when she popped the DVD in it did not read and now it has disapeared into the disk drive never to be found again
  8. R

    My Samsung S2 portable hard disk the port broken?

    My Samsung S2 portable hard disk connecting port inside the Hard disk was broken. I done a soldering of the port in the hard disk service center. Now the hard disk is currently working and showing the new hardware detected and Samsung S2 portable USB device inside the usb list and device...
  9. S

    tell me the cost of a computer with 2gb ram ,500gb hard disk, dvd drive...

    ...,18.5 inch monintor , 2.1 home theare? in india , andhra
  10. F

    Why can't I get my photos off of my DVD-R disk I put them on?

    I'm having some major issues. Well let me first tell you that I have a computer that I took all my pictures and music files and stuck them on DVD-R disk. I formated it to USB mode. Then we wiped out the computers and after I transfered everyting I wanted off my laptop on these disk. Now we have...
  11. Z

    How do I reinstall Windows 8 without a disk?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5103 laptop that I bought roughly a few weeks ago, and I am considering ordering a new Terabyte hard drive to replace the stock hard drive it's running. It is running Windows 8 currently, however the Laptop never came with an installation disc. If i wanted to...
  12. T

    Burned DVD shows no files on disk.?

    I bought a new computer and tried moving my files onto a disc so I could put it onto my new computer. When I put it in it says most of the disk space is used but when I go into it it shows no files, it wouldn't be a problem with my old computer's (which is dont have anymore) DVD burner, because...
  13. T

    can bike trailers be attached to bikes with disk brakes?

    I am looking at buying this trailer http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B007D2QWYQ/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 but cant work out whether it can be attatched to a bike with disk brakes...
  14. J

    My LG blue ray player is not playing coming up disk error?

    I. Have tried a DVD lens cleaner
  15. J

    what does this disk do gigabyte amd 9 8 7 series utility dvd?

    i want to know cause i seen it says on the disk windows 7 does that mean i can revert from windows 8 to 7
  16. L

    What Kanji would I need to learn to read a DVD/Blu-ray disk menu?

    I recently pre-ordered a Japanese Blu-ray. I've been learning Japanese for about the last year and a half so I have a basic understanding of it but I can only identify around 150 Kanji. This film is rated R I think, so the menu is likely not going to be in Kana. I'd like to know what...
  17. L

    No Disk error DVD recorder with disc inserted?

    I removed the disc that should ordinarily have been able to be played in the DVD recorder but after that message, No Disk I pondered maybe the laser lens is dirty so I inserted a Memorex DVD cleaner dvd disc. The menu came up on the television screen. So I waited until it went through it's...
  18. S

    how to play blue ray disk?

    my computer say it plays blue ray but when i put a blue ray disk in nothing happen . how do i get it to play br
  19. I

    Airport Extreme + Hard Disk + iPad?

    I just connected a Hard Disk to my AirPort Extreme. Need help with the following: 1. How do I access the files using my iPad/iPhone? 2. How do I access the files using my Android device? (Hopefully a free app is available) 3. I have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch (iOS 4.2) is there a way for me to...
  20. E

    How to play DVD with external disk drive?

    I have a Sony VAIO ultrabook without a disk drive, and I bought an LG external dvd drive to use with it. The drive shows up on my computer, but when I try to play a DVD, it recognizes the disk but won't play the movie. It shows various files on the disk but the actual movie never plays. How do I...