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    Diamondbacks dismiss broadcasters Daron Sutton and Mark Grace

    In news we could see coming for the past couple of months, the Arizona Diamondbacks officially relieved indefinitely suspended play-by-play man Daron Sutton and color analyst Mark Grace of their announcing duties on Thursday after both finished the 2012 season on the sidelines. Though the...
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    my nokia n70 can`t turn on after dismiss connect during update firmware?

    during update,cable to pc has been disconnect becouse pc swicthing off
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    Why does so many people dismiss the entire Bible as fictional when it is

    evident that some facts in it are ? historically correct? Like the Books of Kings and the common sense quote from proverbs. I understand that it is filled with some stories that are hard to believe, such as Adam and Eve and The Great Flood but many of the scriptures are historically correct...
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    Why do people dismiss valid questions as rants?

    Countless times I have asked questions, trying to be as respectful as possible and avoiding strawmen while challenging those who answer it. Yet people dismissed those questions as rants, and make loaded accusations towards me. Quite a few of the answers i get are gems, on both sides of any...
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    Why do people dismiss others when they discuss having many many negative...

    ...experiences with certain groups? by saying it was "only a few." Sure, but when the experiences are similar many times over, in different states and others have had similar experiences, why isn't there more focus on working to figure out the issue instead of downplaying or dismissing it...
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    Does the bell legally dismiss students?

    Specifically in a public middle school in Arizona.
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    How do you explain Bible prophecy, just dismiss it ?

    How was it possible for the Old Testament prophet Isaiah to have predicted the virgin birth of Jesus (Isaiah 7:14) 700 years before it occurred?
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    Will the DA dismiss my case?

    I was caught for shoplifting at Frys for a 15$ CD. Here's my dilemma, I offered to pay for the CD. They didn't catch me with the CD, but more of with the empty case. When I was caught, They more so refused me offering to pay triple the price. The officer arrested and released me, and gave...
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    Home-school texts dismiss evolution

    As expected, the home schoolers are by and large doing it wrong. No wonder they are always trying to hide the statistics behind manufactured libertarian values. Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post... More...
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    will my motion to dismiss be laughed at?

    in 2001 I opened a prepaid verizon cell phone account. When my ex husband was released from jail in dec 2002 i changed over to a billed customer account and had two cell phones in my name that we used. Without my knowledge he was dealing drugs and ran the bill up to 1700.00 in just two months...
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    Why is it easy for the average person to dismiss an alternate theory to

    government propaganda as a conspiracy? Things like the 9/11 attacks, I personaly have studied the events and the obvious conclusion to anyone who can see past the void of government propaganda, is that 1.the U.S government was intimately involved, as were Israel and even pakistani ISI 2.The...
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    It was 60 degrees in Nebraska today. Why is it that deniers dismiss...

    ...anomalously warm weather, but mock? those in the reality-based community when it's unusually cold? Seems a bit inconsistent, no? (BTW - I do understand that the weather on any given day is not necessarily indicative of climate change either way)
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    How can you dismiss such a glaring problem about religion?

    All Gods say we are to have faith in them, but the truth is we are to have faith in the goat herders claims. All Gods have been proposed by goat herders. How can one believe that heaven and hell is determined by how lucky a person is to pick the right group of goat herders? Is this the best a...
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    Since America is Politically Shipwrecked. Should we dismiss the Government and...

    ...let the Experts rule America??? Bill O'Rielly, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. What more could 300 Million people need. Than a message from Hate Radio.