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    Can you record a dual layer dvd in a panasonic dmr ex77 dvd player?

    I bought dual layer dvds dvd dual layer +r my question is i have a home video of a wedding that is 3 hours long i want to put it on one dvd so am i able to record this using a dual layer dvd on a dvd player in other words can i use a dvd player to record a dual layer dvd or is it just dvds that...
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    Panasonic DVD Recorder (dmr ex78) "Guide"?

    I'm occassionally having a message displaying "GUIDE" on my Panasonic DVD player. This mostly occurs when the unit is locked "X-HOLD", but it has happened on other occassions as well. What does this mean? Does this mean my programs won't be recorded?
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    2009 / DMR XW350 Model Panasonic DVD recorder: Piggy-Backing LAN via PC?

    Hi Guys, Bought my new DVD Recorder today, it allows me to access PICASA and YOUTUBE. But i want to connect it to the Net via my PC [using 2x LAN ports on my PC] EG: Modem>PC>DVR Recorder. or even connect to my PC's Music etc..[if possible] Is anyone able to tell my on my PC how i can do this...
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    How do I break DMR technology?

    In real player, when I download HD movies on youtube, it says that it is DMR protected! How do I break those?
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    I bought a used polaroid DMR 1001g DVD player and would like to use my

    dish network remote ( platinum) to use? I cannot find the code? can anyone help?