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    how can i use the psp 3000 ver 6.38 downgrader ?

    please tell me how to put the 6.02 or 6.35 fw in psp and can i play iso games in them and which one is good 6.20 or 6.35 and where can i download the fw 6.35 or 6.20 from please tell me with detail how to use the new 6.38 downgrader correctly and will it work on psp3004 and for mr toy how to u...
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    when is the next psp downgrader coming out?

    because i have V5.02 ofw and i want to downgrade to anything less.
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    psp downgrader that downgraders ofw 5.01?

    for mac dont haave pc?
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    i looking for a psp downgrader that will allow me to upgrade and downgrade?

    a few months ago i found a programn that lets you downgrade or upgrade your psp but i lost the programn just a quick note it didnt use panderas battery and it worked for psp phat it asked you what your firmware was then you were to select your desinated firmware like lets say i have 2.80 i wanna...