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    My BitTorrent won't downloas anything (screenshot of the problem)?

    I tried to use 3 different torrent programs for that torrent, but none of them work! The torrent is not the problem, because i just tried it with several more torrents, even torrents that i downloaded before. I downloaded a ot of other torrents before, but today, suddenly, it stopped working...
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    is Ares a safe site to downloas music?

    I was going to do it but I had a doubt on it so I just cancelled the download :/
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    Ipod touch downloas 4.1 iOS problems!?

    okay i have an ipod touch i think it is a 2nd generation and i recently downloaded the iOS 4.1 software and now my ipod has been crashing and there has been problems with syncing it and my itunes does anyone know is there are any problems with the software i could use all the help i could get...
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    how do you downloas videos on the internet from your psp?

    i go online and download video clips on my psp but then i can never play it or find it, it says it saves under video but its never there any help?