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    Paula Deen Fans Send Butter Wrappers to Retailers That Dropped the Celeb Chef

    Walmart, Kmart and Sears are just a few retailers that will be receiving a number of butter wrappers in the mail. In an effort to butter up (get it?) the companies that dropped Paula Deen...
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    My friend dropped his cellphone on my Laptop?

    My friend dropped his cellphone on my Laptop and now my screen won't turn on? The rest of the laptop is running, you can hear it running, but the screen stays black. It lights up a bit but it's just...doesn't load anything. Did the hard drive break? Or the Motherboard?
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    I dropped the bell to my oboe...?

    I was cleaning the bell of my oboe and it slipped out of my hand onto my tile floor. It's plastic, and it seems fine and it sounded the same when I played a scale on my oboe, but is there a chance there is serious damage?
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    I dropped my phone on concrete and it still plays ringtones but screen

    is black ? help please!? i was walking when my phone fell out my pocket and fell onto the concrete. when it fell it hit all corners. i thought it was broke but it still plays ring tones when i get a notification but the screen is completely black and the computer still recolonizes it phone Just...
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    Birth Rates For Teens Have Dropped Dramatically – Thank You Sex Education

    I was actually surprised to hear that birth rates for teens have dropped dramatically in the past 20 years. I guess I read too many Teen Mom stories. The statistics are very encouraging. More » Birth Rates For Teens Have Dropped Dramatically – Thank You Sex Education is a post from Blisstree -...
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    It can break without being physically handheld touched or dropped and its whole...

    ...existence gives life what am i? My friend told me this and I can't figure it out at all.... I'm usually good at this sort of stuff. Please help.
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    Dropped my blackberry curve in water! what should I do?

    Yesterday I dropped my curve. 9300. In water I let it dry out and now iits fine but wen I put the batt in it made weird noises . Btw I'm asking this now on my bb so will it B ok and will I have 2 buy a new battrey
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    Help!! I dropped my cellphone in the pool!!?

    So I have a LG Extravert from Verizon Wireless and today, I was texting my mom and I was walking around the pool and of course, dropping everything and clumsy me, I dropped my cellphone in the pool -.- I got it out, and when I got it out the screen was dim and then it turned off >< So I dried it...
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    HELP!!!! iPhone dropped in water!!!!?

    I dropped my iPhone 4S in water a couple of days ago, and I left it in rice from 9:00 last night to 9:00 at night today. the sound doesn't work and when it does it will only last for a very short time. Please help! And if you're wondering I don't have a warranty and I'm on a three year contract.
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    i have a 2005 gmc sierra 1500 and my oil pressure gauge dropped to 0 and is

    knocking and rattling pretty bad? i have a 2005 gmc sierra 1500 with a 5.3 v8 and my oil pressure gauge dropped to 0 and is rattling pretty bad is the oil pump out or something else and is it hard to change and what is the average cost for a mechanic to fix it
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    i dropped my blackberry 9900 bold in water?

    and it stopped working 2 months ago,now i tried to plug it in to charge and it makes a weird noise i need to know if there's a chance it will work again and if i should keep it plugged in despite of the noise
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    What channels are being dropped from DirecTV? and where?

    There are some contracts I know that end March 1st. There are some that won't renew, but I don't know which. There isn't any mention on Directv's site.
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    Are there any handheld video game systems that can be dropped in a hot tub and

    still work? I like being in the hot tub, but it gets boring after awhile. So I wanted to play video games while in the hot tub, but since bringing a TV, console, and controller is just ridiculous, I wanted to use a handheld console. So I was wondering if anyone has ever dropped a handheld...
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    I dropped my iphone and now its gone funny? whats happening??!?!??? HELP!?

    Okay i got the glass on my phone repaired today and i just dropped my phone again! anyways the screen went white with lines and then i held the on/off button and tried to switch it off. the white lines went then i went to turn it back on and now the screen is completely black and my phone keeps...
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    I Dropped my iPhone 4 in the toilet!?

    I am freaking out. I followed all online details of sticking my phone in rice, and to take out the sim card... I can't take out the sim card! I press down firmly, but the tray doesn't pop out! What's wrong?? I'm really worried that if I don't do something soon, everything on my phone will be gone!
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    Asperger’s Syndrome Dropped From New Psych Guidelines

    I once went out with a guy who had Asperger's syndrome, something I knew because he told me, on our first date, by way of warning me that he might not always pick up on things like sarcasm.*Had he not disclosed this, I don't think I would have picked up on anything (I've seen much less ability...
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    somebody just dropped lesean mccoy for Joique Bell in my league how crazy is that?

    somebody just dropped lesean mccoy for Joique Bell in my league how crazy is that?
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    i dropped my sony ericsson xperia ray in the shower and the backlight isn't working?

    i dropped it in the shower 5 days ago, i removed the battery and left it in a bag of rice for a few days, now it works but the screen is too dim to be able to use the phone, i can see things faintly and have tried to adjust the brightness in settings but it's still too dim, is it worth buying a...
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    Wind Mobile: Dropped my phone and the screen does not work and it is...

    ...severely cracked.? I just got my phone on a windtab just less than a month ago, I dropped it and broke the screen, is there warranty for that?
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    Accidentally dropped Motorola Razr V in toilet?

    Hi there. I accidentally dropped my Motorola Razr V in the toilet this afternoon. It is working perfectly fine however I'm not sure what the ideal drying process is considering the phone has an internal battery and therefore cannot be taken apart. I have searched Google to no avail. Does anyone...