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    Tracy Anderson Comments On Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy Weight; Says Duchess Needs Her

    Tracy Anderson isn't known for her body-positive approach to fitness or dieting. Now, you can add pregnancy to the list. She already got into deep waters when she first started talking up her new pregnancy-focused fitness program, and let it slip that she thinks "women use pregnancy as an excuse...
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    Kate Middleton: Best-Dressed Duchess Royally Rules Bazaar U.K.'s List

    The accolades just keep rolling in for Kate Middleton. After being named an international style star in August by Vanity Fair, the impeccably dressed Duchess of Cambridge has done it...
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    In 'The Duchess', why was Georgiana screaming?

    He raped her.
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    Is The Duchess an upbeat, non-depressing movie?

    Is The Duchess, the movie with Keira Knightley, a happy one? I honestly don't want to see a depressing movie, so I was wondering if I'm going to walk out of the theater happy or sad after I see this.