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    ECON HELP about Interest rate?

    If you have 100 dollars today and you lend it to someone. You receive 200 dollars in one year. So what would the interest rate be?
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    quiz questions for econ?

    1. A supply restriction that restricts the amount of a good that can be imported is a(n) A) price floor. B) price ceiling. C) black market. D) import quota. 2. According to the law of demand A) price and quantity move in the same direction. B) price and quantity move in opposite directions...
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    HELP Whats an interesting topic for my Intl. Political Econ paper?

    My topic has to be a question that I can eventually answer. The Example the teacher gave was: Why did China join the WTO? He also said it is easier to ask a question about the past than the present or future. However, not impossible.
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    What is the 'Econ' button for in a VW Golf?

    I have heard that if this button is not lit then you will lose more fuel? I have a MK5 Golf Se TDI