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    Why dont we just eliminate the army and allocate the money on education,

    health, research, and social sector? I mean with the current Nuclear weapons technology. Military is becoming obsolete. We should just eliminate the army and put more money on more important sectors. we can use nuke if someone tries to mess with us. We can just nuke afghanistan and get the ****...
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    Will I ever get to go to Carlton outdoors education centre?

    I'm 11 (borrowing cousins account again) and even though it was weeks ago I'm still mad that I couldn't go to Carlton because I already went on the London trip!My dad didn't even tell me the options when I went.Anyway I'm really upset because all my friends went and they all said it was...
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    Primary Care Shortage Will Grow Unless US Reforms Graduate Medical Education System

    Despite a critical shortage of primary care in the United States less than 25 percent of newly minted doctors go into this field and only a tiny fraction, 4.8 percent, set up shop in rural areas, according to a study by researchers at the George Washington University School of Public Health and...
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    Mortality Among US White Women: Study Helps Explain Growing Education Gap

    Less-educated white women were increasingly more likely to die than their better-educated peers from the mid-1990s through the mid-2000s, according to a new study, which found that growing disparities in economic circumstances and health behaviors - particularly employment status and smoking...
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    Birth Rates For Teens Have Dropped Dramatically – Thank You Sex Education

    I was actually surprised to hear that birth rates for teens have dropped dramatically in the past 20 years. I guess I read too many Teen Mom stories. The statistics are very encouraging. More » Birth Rates For Teens Have Dropped Dramatically – Thank You Sex Education is a post from Blisstree -...
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    decrypt DVD's of LearnNext,Kaysons,Exponent Education to watch their videos

    later even after expiration? Remove Decryption of DVD's of LearnNext,Kaysons,Exponent Education to watch their videos later even after expiration? Remove decryption of Learn next DVD of class 10 by copying video files? Remove decryption of Learn next DVD of class 10 by copying video files from...
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    Brave, Badass Teen Speaks Out Against Her Principal’s Abstinence-Only Sex Education

    Katelyn Campbell, a high school senior in Charleston, W.V, has asked for an injunction against her school principal after he threatened to call the college where she's been accepted (Wellesley, by the way), and tell them she has "bad character." Why does she have bad character? Because she spoke...
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    How will applying Science and Math knowledge in Technology Education classes

    enhance your future? I am writing a essay and I need some ideas. Please help!
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    Education About Car Seat Safety Needed In Emergency Departments

    Each year, more than 130,000 children younger than 13 are treated in U.S. emergency departments after motor-vehicle crash-related injuries. Each of these visits offer a chance to pass along tips for proper use of child passenger restraints, but a new study from the University of Michigan...
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    New Strategies Needed To Promote CPR Education In High-Risk Neighborhoods

    Targeting CPR education in high-risk neighborhoods could increase the number of bystanders giving CPR and decrease deaths from cardiac arrest, according to a new American Heart Association scientific statement published in its journal Circulation. Survival rates for out-of-hospital cardiac...
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    Do you think that the trend towards higher and higher levels of education

    serves Americans well? It used to be that a 4-year college education was considered a wise thing to get, partly because you'd earn more money in your lifetime and partly because you'd be doing something 'more fulfilling' for yourself, whatever; but in recent years the cost of higher education...
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    What are current trends (2012-13) in education in the Primary Schools in the UK?

    I noticed in a post from five years ago the trends were a focus on the social curriculum-fostering a positive classroom environment. I am looking for more information about if students are working in small groups or if classes are more teacher directed. What types of reading/phonics/writing/math...
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    Better Sex Education: 8 Scientifically-Proven Do’s and Don’ts That Really Will Improv

    Women's magazines wax poetic about spicing up your bedroom life in practically every issue, offering the same recycled sex tips year after year. So for a better sex education, we're giving you the science of what will really improve your sex life, while keeping it safe. Which scandalous acts are...
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    Why shouldn't LGBT issues be discussed in Sex Education?

    I went to school in England, and the Sex Ed we had was all heterosexual man and woman, married to have a baby. As a gay guy it didn't really make it easier to accept myself, I was in the closet so I couldn't ask the teacher about it. Should LGBT topic get a mention in sex education, I mean...
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    What Comes First for our Children, Sports or Education? - Dec 16,2012

    So many of our children are born to young parents, and one of the most popular gifts we have waiting for them is the empty promise to become a professional athlete. Listen guys, between professional baseball, football, and basketball, there are about 3200 professional athletes, out of 300...
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    tory education minister says porn should be taught in school lol?

    students to be taught about porn from the age of 10. Liz Truss reveals teachers can give lessons on porn as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic classes i really dread to think what...
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    Rookie FIRST LEGO League robotics teams benefit from $10,000 LEGO Care for Education

    Can FIRST LEGO League teams improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in their communities?
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    iPad english education apps?

    I recently purchased an iPad and am now in need for some apps. I got it because I would like to use it in my classroom. I am going to be teaching high school English. Anything that has to do with education, power points PDFs is greatly appreciated.
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    Life Expectancy Greater With More Education, Socioeconomic Benefits

    Despite advances in health care and increases in life expectancy overall, Americans with less than a high school education have life expectancies similar to adults in the 1950s and 1960s. "The most highly educated white men live about 14 years longer than the least educated black men," says S...
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    Study Finds That Physical Education Mandates Not Enough In Most States

    Children need quality physical education to combat obesity and lead healthy lives. Georgia elementary schools make the grade when it comes to providing that education, but middle and high schools in the state don't even come close, according to a University of Georgia study. A study by UGA...