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    Erin Andrews Turns Down 50 Cent Kiss

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    Erin DiMeglio, Florida?s first female QB, is also her school?s homecoming queen

    Erin DiMeglio has had one heck of a year. First, the South Plantation (Fla.) High senior made national headlines by becoming the first female to line up at quarterback in a varsity football game in the state of Florida. Fittingly, she followed that up by becoming the first female...
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    Erin DiMeglio Becomes Florida’s Star 1st Female Quarterback; Media Confused About Her

    Erin DiMeglio is Florida's first female quarterback, and she's getting a very warm reception as she starts her season with South Plantation High School. Hard-working, hopeful, and humble, DiMeglio is pretty much the ultimate player; teammates, classmates, fans and family are all cheering for her...
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    Erin Dimeglio could become Florida prep football?s first female QB

    Erin Dimeglio isn't the first female football player. She isn't even the first female football player in her home state of Florida, or the first female football player to line up at a position not on the offensive or defensive line. Yet Erin Dimeglio is an incredibly notable high school...
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    Pictures: Erin Heatherton – Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend

    Erin Heatherton is a 23-year-old supermodel from Illinois. She was found by a talent agent while in South Beach and has quickly seen her star rise to the top. Why is she famous recently? She’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend. These days, you aren’t a real supermodel unless you are Leonardo...
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    Erin Andrews leaves ESPN as Fox amps up its courtship

    On the same day Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes announced their divorce, another superstar couple has decided to call it quits. Reporter Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN potentially for the open arms of Fox and its budding college football coverage. Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, who has been...
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    Erin Andrews reportedly dating ?Gossip Girl? actor Chace Crawford, who also happens t

    ESPN sideline reporter and "Dancing With the Stars" alum Erin Andrews is dating "Gossip Girl" actor and Tony Romo's brother-in-law Chace Crawford, according to US Weekly. Andrews, 34, and Crawford, 26, have been "spotted out" on "a couple" dates and are "getting to know each other." All these...
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    Warriors Manga? (Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter)?

    I think I've read all the mangas. I've read Graystripe's manga, the Rise of Scourge, Tigerstar and Sasha, and Ravenpaw's Path. I think that's it, but I just wanted to make sure... are there any more mangas?
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    Where can I read Erin McCarthy's books online? Full books only?

    Thanks for helping :)
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    Kemono No Souja Erin Soundtrack?

    I'm currently looking for a place to download the songs Aoi Hoshi (Blue Star) and Lalalila Lalila. I've tried Aimini and Gendou, but they don't seem to have them. I've also found the soundtrack at MediaUpload, but when I went to download it, I got a message saying the contents would be harmful...
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    BabyCakes Recipe: Blisstree's Baker Chick Tests Erin McKenna's Gluten-Free, Vegan Bro

    Gluten-free, vegan baked goods rarely come into contact with the word “delicious,” but Erin McKenna is changing that game with her out-of-this-world bakery, BabyCakes. McKenna originally opened her gluten-free, vegan, kosher shop in New York City, and recently debuted a new location in Los...
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    Happy Birthday Erin

    I am very lucky to work with Seed/Scienceblogs editor and blog herder (no one is actually certain of her exact title) Erin Johnson. Erin is the person we Sblings rely on to keep everything running smoothly, to manufacture our debates, I think she may be the person who writes several of the...
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    what is erin talking about in the office baby episode?

    when she lists all those things when theyre distracting pam?????
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    Vikings LB Erin Henderson suspended

    By DSD NFL StaffThe NFL has suspended Minnesota Vikings backup linebacker Erin Henderson for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances. It’s not known what substance caused the positive test, so far neither Henderson or his agent have commented on the suspension or if he...
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    Warrior Cats (by Erin Hunter)- What did you think of Bluestar's Prophecy

    (Special Edition)? Greetings! I'm almost to the end in Bluestar's Prophecy, and I think it's very sad- and awesome :D The only thing that bugs me is, the Warrior Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans never mentioned any Hailstar, Heatherstar, Hawkheart, Goosefeather, or, pretty much none of the...
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    Where can I read the full bluestar's prophecy warriors by erin hunter

    online? I read 100 pages already..? i read 100 pages on this one site, but they did not have the rest..
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    Who sounds cooler Frankii Rogers or Erin Haigh?

    I think Frankii Rogers because you can do more with that name, for example Frank Roger (as in to Roger someone). Erin thinks Erin Haigh simply because it's her name.