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    Detroit Lions seem excited to give Reggie Bush the ball a lot this season

    When the games count, Calvin Johnson will return for the Detroit Lions, and Johnson will get many Matthew Stafford off-his-back-foot throws his way. But this preseason, with Johnson missing two game because of a bruised knee, it's becoming clear the Lions are also going to take advantage of...
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    Nick Swisher becomes a dad ?*and he?s probably really, really, really excited

    Can you imagine Nick Swisher in a hospital room shouting encouragement to his wife while she birthed the pair's first child? He've seen how he is on the field, and how is he in interviews, but Delivery Room Nick Swisher had to be on another level of ridiculous energy. Swisher's wife — actress...
  3. E

    Who's excited for roger's comeback?

    How do you think his performance will be after the break he has taken ?
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    Gonzaga students are already excited about the possibility of being No. 1 for the fir

    Court-storming Minnesota fans weren't the only ones excited about the Gophers' upset victory over top-ranked Indiana on Tuesday night. Watching No. 1 go down also elicited plenty of cheers some 1,400 miles to the West. Gonzaga students watching the game from a cafeteria on campus erupted after...
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    Iam so excited I won some baseball cards in an auction?

    I got a rookie ken griffey jr a rookie cal Ripken and a rookie terry Bradshaw should bring some big bucks to sell
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    Big Ten not all too excited about new, wide-open football recruiting rules

    Big Ten coaches, which already got called out for being bad at recruiting by Ohio State coach Urban Meyer, don't like the new expanded recruiting rules. And don't think Meyer is laughing at the Big Ten wanting to keep the regulations that protects the coaches' free time and schools' budgets...
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    Gregg Popovich is genuinely excited to coach the West All-Stars

    In addition to being one of best coaches in the NBA, Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs can be a big grump. He's well known as one of the league's least forthcoming interview subjects, treats between-quarter talks with sideline reporters as a burden, and generally seems to like any sort of...
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    ITS GONNA B 2013 SOON xD *Excited* What R U Looking Forward To!?

    Find out What God Is, and the Purpose of Life http://2oL3.tumblr.com < Pls Visit For Answers Happy New Year 13, Gd Lucks Everybody :DDD
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    Shea Weber says he?s ?excited? to return to Nashville, appears to mean it

    Shea Weber addressed the media Wednesday afternoon, giving us some insight into how he felt about his $110 million offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers being matched by the Nashville Predators. According to Weber, he's excited.*"It's a very exciting time for the Predators*organization and...
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    Just a weird and random thought lol.. why do people get so excited over

    something that doesnt last? Think of a planned out holiday for example. Yeah, its all good fun at the time, but the sad and truthful reality is that it DOESNT LAST.. Obviously its going to end at some point. I cant help but look past that. What do you think? Lol
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    I'm really excited about Skeptically Speaking this week

    Marie-Claire Shanahan is going t be interviewing David Dobbs about his book, Reef Madness: Charles Darwin, Alexander Agassiz, and the Meaning of Coral on Skeptically Speaking. So, that would be one of my favorite people interviewing one of my favorite authors about one of my favorite books...
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    For teens who like Gossip Girl: Who is excited for the new episode next week!?

    I'm soo excited! I feel like my life has been completely dull without it! Hahaha BQ: What do you think of Dan and Blair!? They're starting to grow on me... But I still want Blair and Chuck to get together!
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    If This Is Nikon's New D800 DSLR, We Should Be Excited [Rumours]

    Back in October we reported the first leaked specs of Nikon's new flagship DSLR, the D800. Now the first pictures of the camera have circulated, and boy does it look like it means business. More »
  14. K

    When will my daughter laugh for the first time? She gets excited and makes a...

    ...very cute squeaky sound. ? I just can't wait to hear her laugh I know it will be one of the best moments of my life.... The first time my 9 year old laughed is very vivid to this day!
  15. W

    Are you excited for the new Winnie the Pooh movie?

    I'm really excited, I think its going to be very good :)
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    OMG are YOU as excited as I am about corned beef and cabbage day? LOL?

    I'm only allowed to have it once as year ( the kids hate cabbage ) So i look forward to it Do you have a favorite recipe? The one I've use for like the last six years is from Food Network and its awesome. OH and WHY is corned beef and cabbage what most Americans eat on Saint Patrick's Day?
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    Is anyone else excited about the ipad 2?

    Please no apple or android extremists lol I have the mytouch slide btw. So I dont have a laptop and im sick of sitting on my computer everyday. I just want to go surf the web, View pictures, listen to music, and play some fun games and apps. The ipad 2nd gen is goin to be the most magical...
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    Are you as excited as I am about the Sarah Palin Reality show coming out on DVD? How

    many times can you watch? Won't it be exciting to watch her put a worm on a hook and fish over and over and over? I sure hope, like her and insane mccain's campaign that they include all the bloopers.
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    Are you excited to see the Google Christmas logo this year?

    The cool logos for Halloween and Thanksgiving have me excited for Google's Xmas logo this year. Thing is, usually they have it up by December 21 or 22, but it's not up yet! Maybe they're keeping us in suspense or maybe they're ignoring Christmas this year?!
  20. J

    Who else is EXCITED for UFC 126- Probably the most exciting card I have EVER

    seen in my opinion? I have been looking forward to this event sense early October or late September. I want to see all 4 of these fights BADLY. They just need to add 1 more fight to make the card official. Middleweight Championship bout: Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort Light Heavyweight...