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    Video: Marion Barber cannot properly execute a back flip

    It was nice that Chicago Bears running back Marion Barber scored his first touchdown for his new team with 1:23 left in the Bears' 34-29 victory over the Carolina Panthers, but the ex-Dallas Cowboy needs to grab a few style points in the all-important post-touchdown celebration game. For Exhibit...
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    It's OK to execute homosexuals

    The United Nations has a list of "discriminatory grounds" for executions ... reasons to execute someone that the UN says are not OK. And, the UN just passed a resolution removing sexual orientation from that list. This applies to state executions as well as hate killings. Human rights...
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    How to create a bootable cd wich would automatically execute one file?

    I want to create a bootable cd which would automatically execute the "C:\test.bat" file and then restart.