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    I miss my ex-gf but I had a dream about another girl last night?

    I broke up with my ex of 5 months about 2-3 weeks ago and I still have feelings for her, yet I dreamt of another girl last night and I actually felt happy. I didn't think of my ex while in the dream, and the girl reminded me nothing about my ex. I'm confused about this. Does this mean I'm losing...
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    dream about my ex-gf?

    Last month I had dreams of my ex girlfriend, she was in them like 3 different times. It's weird though cuz it's the first gf i had n we were like 15 yrs old and we were only dating for like a month. Now I have my girl n kid and she has her husband n kid. I'm 20 yrs old now so we were dating like...
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    What does it mean when an ex-gf smiles at you, and runs over to greet you?

    My ex and I haven't spoken in about a year. All of a sudden she starts talking to me again. It's weird because she said she hated my guts. Today, as soon as she saw me walk into the room, she smiled at me, and ran over to me. Does this mean she likes me again? Also, she has a boyfriend, and...
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    Does Brendon Urie have a new girlfriend (rumored to be Paramore bassist ex-gf)?

    I saw a picture on buzznet of him with Spencer, panic's body guard, some other guy, and a girl that looks like katy perry (but people are saying that it's the paramore bassist's ex). I know it's none of my business because it's his personal life, but I'm just curious.