1. Abigail

    What should I expect in a Thomas cook apprenticeship interview?

    I have got a interview with Thomas Cook for an apprenticeship and I really really really want this position as its in my dream career path of travel. But I have heard some things about the interview that I might need to practice. Firstly, generally what things should I expect? I have to take...
  2. L

    What to expect at Warped Tour?

    I'm only 13 and this is my first warped tour. I already know to wear light clothing and all. I am a girl so should I be weary of older boys? Also people say to get there early but I really only want to see the later bands so would it be okay to go 2 hours after opening? Or is that just a bad...
  3. D

    What can i expect from a Refurbished Ipad mini?

    Im buying an refurbished Ipad mini off the Apple store web site. And i have some questions °Does it come with a charger °if its refurbished does it do anything different from the new one Thanks!
  4. D

    Do guys expect sex in a relationship at a certain age?

    I am almost 18 and still a virgin. I want to be in a relationship but am afraid of the expectations that might come with it. I know guys have needs, but I'm not ready to do certain things(mostly because of body issues). So basically is sex something guys expect at this age?
  5. T

    How fast do you expect a man to approach you after you've shown interest?

    This question is aimed at women.
  6. A

    why do people expect great basketball players to win certain amount of rings?

    I remember on espn they were saying its not fair to compare LeBron to Kobe unless he gets to 5. Why is it that basketball players have to win a specific amount of championships? Rings are elusive, we've seen many great players who've won only 1 ring and some who've won zero championships. It...
  7. M

    How long do girls expect sex with a guy to last for?

    I can only do 5-10 minutes is that enough?
  8. G

    Which would you expect to cost more in insurance, a 2004 Infiniti G35 sedan or a

    2006 Mustang V6? Since the G35 is a sedan and not considered a sports car, you would think it d be less, but I ve heard that because it has 280 HP compared to the Mustang s 210, it may be about the same or even more expensive to insure.
  9. Abigail

    What to expect from first time smoking weed?

    I get to try it this weekend with my best friend but I am kinda nervous. I want to try it though because I am curious and I don't think one will hurt me too bad. I know I'll probably get loopy and laughey, I just don't know how bad, will I still be in control over what I say? Will I do anything...
  10. J

    is it odd I find nothing different between a dvd and blu-ray expect the price?

    I hardly noticed a difference between the two, I think the actual tv makes the differnec
  11. R

    How much should I expect to pay for an Infiniti g35 Coupe '03 - '05 ?

    If I buy from Owner? Dealer?
  12. B

    Why do girls always expect guys to do all the work when it comes to a relationship?

    They do this for tons of other things as well. FFS though, we are NOT super heros and cannot do everything all the damn time.
  13. M

    What kind of mpg should l expect from a 2001 Fiat Punto 1.2?

    The official figures indicate 50 mpg. Seems rather optimistic to me!
  14. A

    Watch Out Weight Watchers, The ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ Workout DVD Is

    Watch out there, Weight Watchers. The almighty What To Expect When You’re Expecting brand might be battling you for some of that baby weight clientele. The multi-decade “pregnancy bible,” pioneered by Heidi Murkoff, has officially entered the postpartum pounds pandemonium. We’re looking at you...
  15. T

    Lindsey Williams- The next 4 years, What to expect - Dec 08,2012

    RNR radio is pleased to welcome Pastor Lidnsey WIlliams.Lindsey Williams, an ordained Baptist minister went to Alaska in 1970 as a missionary. While in Alaska, Pastor Williams found out about the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, which began construction on 29th April 1974. Because of Pastor Williams'...
  16. M

    will a kx 85 (small wheel) fit in an opel zafira 03 with and the seats down expect

    the two front seats? i wondering because im getting a kx 85 small wheel will it fit in any way because its like a van when all the seats are down or will it fit side ways
  17. S

    How fast can I expect to ride my bike?

    I have a mountain bike with knobby tires. I have a toolbox riveted on the back with a whole bunch of stuff in it; the whole setup weighs 30 kilos or so (65 pounds). I myself weigh 70 kilos (155 pounds). On a flat, I usually ride at about 20-22 kph (12-15 mph). If I want to speed up, 30 kph (18...
  18. G

    Dancing With the Stars Backstage Scoop: Melissa Rycroft Did Not Expect a Perfect Scor

    One more day until an all-star gets that mirror ball trophy! Part one of the Dancing With the Stars finale kicked off tonight with a fierce performance from the three finalists Melissa...
  19. M

    what kind of gas mileage can i expect from a GMC 305 V6 3 speed?

    im getting into an antique truck, and it has a 3 on the tree transmission with a large block 305 V6. What kinda gas mileage can i expect?
  20. J

    I want to do karate what thing should i expect?

    is it bad MA because it takes long time to master self-defence should i join other MA. I just want to have defence in the street at night or something.