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    Is anyone tired of hearing that Islamic extremists are just like extremists

    in any other religion? I'm tired of Islamic terrorists being compared to Tim McVeigh or abortion clinic bombers. First of all, Tim McVeigh didn't even bomb Oklahoma City for religious reasons. His Christianity was INCIDENTAL. Secondly, McVeigh and abortion clinic bombers are just ONE OR TWO...
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    Free market extremists claim laissez-faire capitalism has never existed. Does

    that mean it is too idealistic? Capitalism will inevitably turn into corporatism (like in the US) or anarchy (like in Somalia). That's the reality. So, why do they ascribe to idealism?
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    Doesn't the right-wing Christian extremists realize that a more liberal

    Christian could convert people better? I mean really if you read the new testament Jesus wasn't about war and didn't go around telling people they was going to hell. I'm never going to convert but it would be more likely that I would with a helping hand than a sign in my face and a pissed off...
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    Who feels sorry for Pakistan who have Islamist extremists in their midst?

    Terrorists have switched tactics by hitting sports events and the world should support Pakistan (not the only ones suffering) in their fight against Extremism