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    Ian Kennedy Washes Dishes, Cuts Finger, Misses Start

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    Phyllis Tobias and her Middle Finger have Lived Quite a Life

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    U.S. get rare point at Azteca, Mexico point finger at the referee

    A combination of good work and good fortune gave the U.S. their first point in World Cup qualifying at Mexico's Estadio Azteca since 1997 with a 0-0 draw on Wednesday night. With that result, U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann, who was questioned by unnamed members of his own squad last week, remains...
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    Katy Perry Wears Heart-Shaped Ring on That Finger While Out With John Mayer

    John Mayer may have a "very human" relationship with Katy Perry and he's "quite happy" dating her, but is he ready to be Mr. and Mrs. Happy Human? Perry was sporting...
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    Insanely Strong Wire Cutter Snips Cables as Fat as Your Finger [Power Tools]

    Cutting wire by hand is hard—even with a pair of light-up dikes—especially when running the fat wires that serve breaker subpanels. Milwaukee's new ratcheting power cable cutter should aid the tradesmen that spend days snipping conduit; pull the trigger, and the tool bites cords with up to 5,000...
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    Horray…New Obesity Vaccine Could Make Us Thin Without Lifting A Finger

    Good news fellow couch potatoes: If sweating your ass off in this summer heat in an effort to lose a few pounds is not exactly appealing, a new vaccine could help "cure" that expanding waistline--without ever leaving the comfort of our couch, of course. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Will Power breaks out the double middle finger salute again; this time towards EJ Vis

    Very rarely is a sequel more subtle than its precursor. And very rarely is a sequel organic. And Will Power, we thank you for your sequel during Saturday night's Izod IndyCar Series race at Iowa Speedway. Last summer at New Hampshire, Power became somewhat of a sensation for his double middle...
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    Stylish Knife Block Lets You Safely Play Five Finger Fillet [Kitchen]

    We're not sure how many fingers have been lost after people watch Aliens and try to recreate Bishop's Five Finger Fillet stunt. But if you stick to only playing with this lovely knife block, you'll never have to worry about an emergency trip to the hospital. More »
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    What should I do about my pinky finger?

    I hurt my pinky finger 3 days ago and I'm not sure if there's a point in going to the doctor or if it's too late to do anything if it's serious. I hurt it playing team handball while I was throwing a ball I felt my pinky kind of tear, it felt really weird. There was no contact or anything by...
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    LeBron James Injury Update – Dislocated Finger

    LeBron James is having one of the greatest seasons in NBA history. However, there is one thing that can slow down any player in any sport: injuries. Against the Indiana Pacers on Monday night, LeBron James suffered a finger injury. Although he was able to stay in the game, there are some rumors...
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    Super Bowl XLVI: Controversy Alert! M.I.A. Gives the Finger During Madonna Performanc

    Madonna may have been the headliner, but she's not the one making headlines after her performance during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. Rapper M.I.A., who appears on the Queen of...
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    Five Finger Death Punch free mp3 song download?

    I've been trying to download Coming Down and My Own Hell by Five Finger Death Punch and so far i've got no where, please can suggest sites where i can go, id prefer sites where i didn't have to sign up to download songs, please and thank you
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    having a ring in middle finger means gay?

    i just saw Danny Cavanagh's ring in his middle finger and i thought he might be gay he's in the band Anathema i saw that in one of their clips "forgotten hopes" it was in a hotel i guess anyway... is there any specific sign or symbol pertaining homosexuality?
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    Dragon age for ps3 were do i find the finger bones for the secret doors?

    Trying to figure out how 2 get into the weird door in dust town. And any info on jarvia and were I may find her and. Anything about the carta I'm lost help
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    Finger food recipe suggestions?

    My literary arts class is hosting a coffeehouse, and I signed up to bring a savoury dish. Since intermission is very short, I figured finger food would be best so people don't have to scramble to find utensils. I was thinking of just buying tater tots that you just have to heat up in the oven...
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    Swollen right foot and swollen finger on right hand painful

    I have recently had a painful middle Finger on my right hand now and again the pain Is too much the next min my finger has swelled Up. My right knee has been swollen to but not painful But now my right foot is swollen up. Nothing Like this happening on the left what's up With me ??? :(((
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    Finger hurts extremely badly?

    I was just watching T.V and bent my hand into a knuckle, when pain shot up my left hand ring finger. The pain isn't all around my hand, just at the top of my knuckle. Maybe its arthritus? Can i take advil to solve this? Im thirteen, and pop my knuckles A LOT. Thanks.
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    what is the wushi finger hold as stated in kungfu panda?

    is there any deadly hold similar to that in real life kungfu / martial arts?
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    Gear: Magnetic Finger Glove

    It’s happened a thousand times; you reach deep into your engine bay or underneath your car to fasten a nut or bolt, and at the very limit of your reach, just as you’re starting to fasten it, you drop it, never to be seen again. Griot’s Garage has a solution: the Magnetic Finger Glove.
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    Escape to the Finger Lakes featuring Atwater Vineyards - Aug 08,2011

    Finger Lakes Wine Countrys Atwater Vineyards sits on the southeastern shores of Seneca Lake. This award-winning winery boasts a spectacular view of rolling vineyard and beautiful Seneca Lake as well as a wide range of delicious Finger Lakes wines. Enjoy special events like Vine Dining and...