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    Electronic Fireproof safes?

    I'm looking to get a safe at Wal-Mart for about $160. Is Sentry Safe a good brand? And how long does a battery last, and if it dies, how do I get in it? Also, if there actually was a fire, would my stuff inside be protected?
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    The Movie Fireproof Question?

    Is it mostly about christianity? Like being a good christian? Does it focus on the marraige more than just simply religion? I'm just curious to watch, but don't want to rent a movie that is packed full of do's and don'ts to be a good christian.
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    Fireproof (2008) Dvdrip Xvid Faye

    Name: Fireproof (2008) Dvdrip Xvid Faye Category: Movies: Divx/Xvid Size: 838.44MB Added: 2009-03-05 18:40:40