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    Anyone know any good fishing TV Shows or DVD?

    Anyone know of any fairly new Fishing TV shows that covers basics, and gives tips and techniques in how to locate and how to catch different types of fish and so on? I'm interested mostly in offshore or deep sea angling. If that helps thanks ahead!!!
  2. C

    If I'm going on a 3 day hike what is a good small fishing pole?

    I'm looking for something worth my money but that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.
  3. E

    Sims 3 Fishing nodes?

    Hello all. I have been looking up info for the past few days trying to figure out where I can find Anchovies in the Twinbrook map. I know they are supposed to be in salt water and that you need to use tomatoes to get them. I have max fishing and max gardening so I've been using perfect and...
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    Im looking for surf fishing spots in orange county california could...

    ...anyone could give locations? Surf fishing spots anyone nows where in orange county california.
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    Study reveals how fishing gear can cause slow death of whales

    Using a “patient monitoring” device attached to a whale entangled in fishing gear, scientists showed for the first time how fishing lines changed a whale’s diving and swimming behavior. The monitoring revealed how fishing gear hinders whales’ ability to eat and migrate, depletes their energy as...
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    What is the perfect fishing line for pier fishing in CA?

    What is the perfect fishing line (lbs) for pier fishing in CA?
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    cheap plastic or inflatable fishing raft or cheap canoes kayaks?

    just looking for something cheap where i can get into local ponds and little lakes to fish nothing super expensive id like a two seater but anything will do was thinking about a raft but wouldnt wanna puncture it with hooks so not sure help!!
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    What are the requirements for fishing in Texas if you live in Michigan?

    My family and I want to go fishing in Texas when we go for vacation but we don't know what we need to buy and what we need to fish over there. Like what license to buy, if we can fish over there, how much. It would also help if you can give me some websites to look at that would further explain.
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    What does the "tasty bait" gizmo do in flick fishing?

    I checked the megaguide but there it doesn't say what the actual purpose is.
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    Tragedy befalls fishing expedition. Will you please read poem and find out if they...

    ...astert in the end? If you feel led to, please C.C and/or Comment on poem. Positive and negative c.c. are always welcome. This is one of three parts. The other two will be released later on in the day or at the latest on consecutive days. The poem is a re-post and minor edit of several...
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    GUYS... TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK? RATE?? Be Honest. (NOT fishing for...

    ...compliments) just want to know.?
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    Want to go fishing on southsidevof brisbane?

    which breaches is good for fishing. No jetty or boat just a rod
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    Hows the fishing in Port Angeles washington?

    I'm planning an anniversary and wanted it to include fishing however I've read that its not possible to fish without going with a guide or charter both on the costly side so is it true or not?
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    what do you mean by fishing hat?

    the fishing hat is one type of the wearing cap in fishing condition so it is most important.
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    what is a good boat for cruising and fishing.?

    I am wanting a good boat for cruising and fishing, I go out maybe 35 times a year because that’s all the time I really have. I fish more than I do anything but when I have my little girl and boy with me I want them and others to be a little comfortable. My girl 6 and boy 3. Now when I have my...
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    What do boats do in ninja fishing app?

    I got this app and I don't know what it does
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    Fishing questions about Alaskan red snapper / yellow eye rock fish?

    Need help with a few things. Such as what kind of spoon, jig or bait rig? What’s the best bottom structure for them? How deep what time of year? Location South East Alaska, Lynn Canal & Icy Straight. I have caught a few when jigging for halibut but I have never targeted them much. Thanks for...
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    Runescape: sharks or cavefish for money at 85 fishing?

    which makes more money at my level? Edit: I am currently at cavefish just wondering if sharks are better money at my fishing level
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    Are any Inuit people still living by hunting and fishing...?

    What other jobs are available in their homelands..?
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    Inauguration of fishing boat (decoration)?

    Its a fishing boat we bought for our villa. Its circumference is about 20 feet. I want to decorate it for the inauguration. Please suggest me some decorating tips. If i want to put the inauguration ribbon (red ribbon), Where do i place it so it can be cut easily during the event! Please urgent...