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    Ridding Skin Of Notorious Pathogens With Handheld Plasma Flashlight

    A group of Chinese and Australian scientists have developed a handheld, battery-powered plasma-producing device that can rid skin of bacteria in an instant. The device could be used in ambulance emergency calls, natural disaster sites, military combat operations and many other instances where...
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    What's a good flashlight for camping/hiking?

    Waterproof, Bright beam, durable, reasonable battery life?
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    Can I change the flashlight led color on my motorola atrix?

    That would be kool ^.^
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    I need to create a flashlight app for android, motorola cliq?

    I wanna take advantage of the LED of my motorola cliq xt , but writing an application, using the Android SDK.. But I don't know where to start.. I have to basic knowledge of Java, C++, html.. what do I do, where do i start thank you very much for you help !
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    If i put a flashlight on the front of an airplane, and took flight, could i

    make light travel faster than the? speed of light?
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    If i put a flashlight on the front of an airplane, and took flight, could i

    make light travel faster than the? speed of light?
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    How do I activate camera flashlight of my Samsung GT-S5233W mobile phone?

    I simply can't get the flashlight of my Samsung GT-S5233W mobile phone working. Couldn't find any clue, anywhere.
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    Which LED flashlight should I buy, for camping/hiking/bail out bag?

    From looking online, it seems like any surfire light is the way to go.. and i would love to have one, but they are so pricey.. is there a LED flashlight for under 50$ (or close to it) that has a high/low (power saver) lumen output setting and a long lasting hours usage on a single battery...
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    Is it bad for the flasher on a motorola droid to use it as a flashlight? (Some...

    ...apps do this)? I thought it might be a useful app to have sometimes, but I'm wondering, since the flash thing is normally only intended to light up for very short times, could using it like this damage it? It is a LED, if this makes a difference.
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    Lego Minifig Solar Flashlight Requires No AC Adapter Charging Brick [Lego]

    I know next to nothing about this oversize Lego minifig-shaped solar flashlight, other than it appeared in the official Lego booth at the 2010 Nuremberg Toy Fair. I assume the discerning Lego collector would illuminate their darkened home with nothing less. Also, AC adapter charging...
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    what is the best flashlight?

    I am looking for the best flashlight...can someone tell me the brand? specially the one that us army and swat team using now....
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    How to fix flickering LED flashlight?

    So I have gotten 3 or 4 of those LED flashlights you find at places like smoke shops, grocery stores, etc. ranging from $5-$20 each. Every single one of them eventually starts to develop a flicker to them, that usually goes away if I shake the flashlight. Is there anything that can be done to...
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    Convenient Illumination, Thy Name Is Magnetic LED Mine [Flashlight]

    As long as you live in a submarine, a refrigerator or a steel box, this Striker magnetic LED mine will be extremely useful for odd-angle illumination. If not, not as much. $9 dudes! Then again, sink work and car work would probably benefit from a nicely-placed light. Assuming, of course, that...
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    Nokia N96---WHY can't I find "extras" on the menu?? (for Flashlight)?

    ....also, WHY oh WHY do I have a flashing envelope in upper right corner?? I cleared all sent, drafts and outbox msg---but it won't go away Anyone...please help! torch?? like a flame ?? haha
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    Rechargable Flashlight Operation?

    How long does it take to recharge a flashlight battery in a rechargable flashlight?
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    alarm flashlight??? help please!?

    i dound a small white flashlight and theres a button to turn on the light on top of the flashlight. then on the sides theres 3 settings: OFF- MR- and AL. when i turned to the setting AL (probably stands for ALARM), the flashlight started making an alarm noise. it was so loud. then when i turned...
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    Nokia 6650 fold flashlight?

    i recently got a nokia 6650 fold. there is a flash installed on the phone. i was wondering if this can be used as a flashlight because i cant find a program that turns the flash on to make it a flashlight. is there any application to make this happen? thanks
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    How to turn off the Nokia 6500 flashlight?

    You know the small light on the back of Nokia 6500 right? i accidentally switched it on and i don't know how to turn it off. switching the phone off doesn't work.. please help!!!
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    How could a flashlight be improved? (What are some flaws to it?)?

    The amount of battery life could be improved but that is pretty obvious.