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    Crime-Fighting Metal Detectors Could Count Stacks of Cash—and Foil Smugglers [S

    Crime-Fighting Metal Detectors Could Count Stacks of Cash—and Foil Smugglers [S The use of magnetic inks in currency already allows vending machines to verify the authenticity of bank notes. But new research shows that metal detectors at security...
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    What do you think about having foil over the vent?

    Would it be a fire hazard to put foil over my vent? My family likes to have the apartment REALLY HOT. And I like the cold.
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    I need to build a aluminum foil boat 30cmx30cm?

    any suggestions on how to make it?
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    Discuss how a minor character serves as a foil to a main character. You may

    want to discuss how the ideas....? Hi guys i was wondering if I could get some help with this question from the book Cry, The Beloved Country Here is the full question: Discuss how a minor character serves as a foil to a main character. You may want to discuss how the ideas or behavior of the...
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    What style of fencing should I do? Épée, Foil or Saber?

    I understand the 'basic' differences between these three styles of fencing, but I can't decide which one to learn. Does anybody here do fencing? What style? Why? Any information would really help my decision. :)
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    should i use foil for this recipe?

    im making these cookies i have no parchment paper, all i have is waxed paper, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. should i line the sheet with foil and spray it with pam so the dough doesn't stick? thanks
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    i have a rookie photocard of michael jordan 22kt foil gold card whit a serial...

    ...number list some price ranges? Certificate of Authenticity, an geniune 22kt gold photo card created by upper deck. Michael Jordan career highlights.card is minted on 22kt gold foil and contains 12 square inches of pure gold. each card is individually numbered ensuring authentic.
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    smoking out of foil gives u alzheimers?

    i just read that twice as an answer on here, i have never heard of such a thing! is it true?
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    Can I bootleg the Obama Satellite Network with one of those Tin Foil antennas, or... I have to Pay for View? I saw a web site saying you could build a dish out of a Thrift Store CB radio and a roll of tin foil. It would be great if I could watch Obama 24/7 without paying. I guess it would be sort of a Stimuloot of my own.
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    How do you make like rims out of aluminum foil for a bike?

    Could anyone show a video or some good intstructions? -Thanks!
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    Is using foil to smoke marijuana harmful?

    Is it harmful to use foil as the bowl, particularly in an apple pipe? Also, are there any other methods of making a screen other than foil, in an apple pipe? I heard that you can put chunks of apple in the bowl area. Additionally, tips on making an apple pipe? Educational purposes only.
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    how long can cooked fish sit out in tin foil before it is bad to eat?

    Just cooked fish. Forgot about it for a while. Its been almost 5 hours. I love fish but not enough to make me sick. Is it still good?
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    Has anyone ever cut themselves on the foil packs of Eclipse Gum?

    I have cut myself so many times retrieving a piece of gum from the foil packs of Eclipse Gum. When I called to complain they said that nobody else has ever called and had the same problem. I want to know if I'm the only one. I seriously doubt it. Please reply if you have cut yourself. Thanks for...
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    How do you build a tin foil and popsicle stick boat that holds the maximum mass?

    In my physics class I need to build a boat made of a square sheet of tin foil and 15 popsicle sticks. I can use a glue gun to glue the popsicle sticks to the tin foil but the tin foil must be in one piece. What is the best way to build this? I need a boat that can support at least 7kg. Please...
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    can you keep fruit in foil?

    will anything bad happen if i keep food in foil??