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    Food Safety Management

    Hi. My cousin has a Taco Shop and I want to open one near my place. We will be business partners. I read online about this food safety management software and I thought we might need one. Anyone in food business here who can share his/her thoughts? So far, my cousin doesn't have one yet.
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    Toxic nanoparticles might be entering human food supply

    Over the last few years, the use of nanomaterials for water treatment, food packaging, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries has increased. For example, farmers have used silver nanoparticles as a pesticide because of their capability to suppress the growth of harmful organisms. However, a...
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    10 Tips On How To Order Healthy Food At A Restaurant

    When trying to eat healthfully, eating out can be a bit of a challenge. More » 10 Tips On How To Order Healthy Food At A Restaurant is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news on mental health & healthcare..
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    We Will Soon Replace All Food With Soylent, The Nutritious Vitamin Sludge Of The Futu

    As a lady blog (one of several!), we get bombarded with a lot of information about fantastical new diets all the time. For the most part, they’re a repackaging of the same fluffy bullshit that celebrities parrot ad nauseam in gossip weeklies–broccoli and fish! grilled chicken and salad!–but...
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    Quartet great food, service and Willamette River Portland OR - Jul 06,2013

    Quartet defines food and hospitality within an upscale atmosphere and a taste of jazzy music. Owner, Frank Taylor, directs operations and is hands on to ensure Quartet reflects its brand of elegance, attentive service and delicious food. Quartet offers great food, service and views the...
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    what does it mean by trace on food nutrition infromation?

    i am wanting to know what do they mean by trace when you look at the nutrition information on how fat the food
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    How can I make my mum change the food she feeds her dogs?

    My mum has a Dalmation and a lurcher (greyhound, saluki, whippet, bedlington terrier cross) who have always been fed cheap dog food. A few months ago the lurcher (8years) lost a lot of weight, she was taken to the vets, nothing was wrong that they could find and my mum took her back to get...
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    What is food intolerance? What causes food intolerance?

    Food intolerance, also known as non-IgE mediated food hypersensitivity or non-allergic food hypersensitivity, refers to difficulty in digesting certain foods. Food intolerance is different from food allergy. Food allergy triggers the immune system, while food intolerance does not. Some people...
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    Paula Deen's Son Bobby Headed to Food Network as Celeb Chef Denies Asking Employee to

    Paula Deen's son is filling the family's empty Food Network shoes while his mother continues to field the sorts of claims that got her kicked off the channel in the first...
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    Is the problem a lack of food or a lack of nutrition?

    How would you propose fixing it? That isn't answering the question, Stuart. Think a little bigger than the talking points.
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    I've never cooked before.what are some easy yet delicious food to make?

    Can you please tell me the recipe as well? By the way,I was thinking of vegetables soup but i'd appreciate any other ideas!
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    where to find nutrition information on Dillon's chinese food?

    is it on their web site?
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    Balancing food security and environmental quality in China

    In many ways, the evolution of Chinese agriculture over the past 40 years is a remarkable success story. Spurred by investments in research and government subsidies for fertilizers and other farm technologies, China now feeds 22% of the world’s population on just 9% of its total arable land...
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    suggestions please, a dish to go with the rest of the food?

    my daughters 5th is soon and I'm stuck with what else to serve on the table for the adults. here is the menu so far i just need another main dish. BLT pasta salad potato salad green salad coleslaw garlic bread honey soy chicken nibbles scotch fillet steak spit roast pork ?????????????? any...
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    What kind of food should i bring for hiking/camping?

    My cousin and I are going hiking for a week. He knows what kind of food he's bringing (some expensive stuff), but I don't (can't afford). What kind of food should I bring? We have the opportunity to heat food, but not to keep it cool (like a refrigerator). Please help me!
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    Zombie Food: Reverse Time Lapse Videos Of Rotting Fruit Are Amazing

    Watching rotting fruits come back to life as delicious zombies let me pretend for a few brief moments that we aren't all rapidly hurtling to the grave... More » Zombie Food: Reverse Time Lapse Videos Of Rotting Fruit Are Amazing is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs...
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    Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools

    I love a good chocolate bar or Cheez-It from time to time, but I’m very happy that these new regulations passed Thursday about junk food in schools — with surprising bipartisan agreement. More » Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    Can I cook some baked food recipes in my microwave oven?

    I want to cook some baking food in my microwave oven through convection mode. Is that possible? Some days ago I tried to make a bread or bun in my microwave But it couldn't happen.
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    What are some games on android where you biuld up food or anything

    depending on the customer's needs? Like people ordering a burger, so you make it with the lettuce, cheese, and bread given.
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    The Most “Health Conscious” Fast Food Restaurants

    National chain restaurants tend to vacillate between pretending to have "healthy" options and and coming up with new and creative ways to serve bacon. More » The Most “Health Conscious” Fast Food Restaurants is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health...