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    can one join Indian navy , army , air force with having very minor squint... one's eye ? let me the answer of this as soon as you can .. i'm so concern about indian navy .. i've been dreaming about this since my childhood .. I've no other problem except having minor squint in eyes . And also gonna through SSB interview soon
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    Blackhawks force Game 7 after Michael Frolik?s nasty penalty shot goal (Video)

    Things were going splendidly for the Detroit Red Wings through forty minutes. They were outshooting Chicago 28-20, Pavel Datsyuk's line was crushing the Jonathan Toews line in puck possession, and Corey Crawford had allowed a debilitating softy to give them a 2-1 lead heading into the...
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    Rangers stave off elimination, force Game 5 with OT win over Bruins

    NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Henrik Lundqvist called it "the ugliest goal I've ever seen," but to the New York Rangers it was so, so beautiful. Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask's slip in the second period allowed Carl Hagelin to score the easiest goal of his career and turned Game 4 around. “It gave...
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    If I sold addroall in highschool would it affect me being hired on by a police force?

    Im not sure if it is considered a illegal substance because I have a prescription for it. During the polygraph test would I answer yes to selling a illegal narcotic?
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    James Reimer, Maple Leafs force Game 7 vs. Boston Bruins

    So much for the Boston Bruins making short work of an inferior opponent. So much for Tuukka Rask being James Reimer’s superior. So much for Phil Kessel being humbled by the Bruins like he had been since The Trade, or being outshone by Tyler Seguin, whose alarm clock apparently didn’t go off for...
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    The Brooklyn Nets adjust on the fly, and win to force a Game 7 against the hurting Ch

    CHICAGO – Don’t be so quick to discredit these Brooklyn Nets. The Chicago Bulls may be literally limping into the arena each night and losing their lunch on the bench midgame, but the Nets have made all the right moves on their way toward a 3-3 series tie in this ever-evolving first round...
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    Why are my Ear Force PX5's having this bluetooth problem AGAIN?

    So here I am again, having some issues with my headset. The first time I was having issues I thought it was the XBA I purchased from turtle beach. I was sent a second XBA and it was working perfectly fine. It worked for three days straight, no problems at all...until yesterday. I turned on my...
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    Since air force one costs $181,000 per hour to fly shouldn't the Obama... stop the vacations? Travel time for Air Force One direct from Washington D.C. to Hawaii is about 9 hours or as high as The trips to Hawaii alone are $1,635,813 each way for a total of $3,271,622 for the round trip. The President will have made two round trips to Hawaii via Air Force...
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    Why did Roger Waters force Richard Wright to leave pink floyd during the...

    ...production of "The Wall"? I know the tensions were high but what was the final straw? And what made the tensions high in the first place?
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    Is there a certain age or number of tours required to join Marine Force Recon?

    My friend said you had to be twenty before you could even try for it, is this correct?
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    My boyfriend is going to the air force.?

    Any advice I love my boyfriend with everything in me he happens to also be my best friend. He is heading to become a commercial pilot its all he talks about and all he wants. So I support him every step of the way. I love him so much yes I would hate to see him leave for months or maybe even...
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    How long does it take to force re-check on bittorrent?

    All of my torrents showed and error, so I forced a re-check. How long should it take to complete?
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    Tattoos in the air force ?

    I have 6 tattoos. All of them expect 1 ( which I'm getting removed ) are covered by every day clothing. I've made the decision to join the air force. I have a tattoo of butterflies and flowers going less than half way up my leg. Will this disqualify me from joining? I'm always looking for any...
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    Sahara Force India Reveals VJM06 Formula 1 Car

    The Sahara Force India Formula 1 team has revealed their fighter for the 2013 season. While its appearance hasn’t changed much, Technical Director Andrew Green states, “It’s a brand new car from the ground-up.”
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    Armed Forces Bowl preview: Air Force vs. Rice

    Armed Forces Bowl Air Force (6-6) vs. Rice (6-6) Dec. 29, 11:45 a.m. ET (ESPN) About the Falcons: Air Force is in a bowl game for the sixth straight time, but barely. The Falcons suffered some odd losses (UNLV and a 20-point loss to Army, most notably) but squeezed out six wins. Air Force...
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    Michigan State big man Derrick Nix emerging as a potent force after struggles

    The maturation of Michigan State big man Derrick Nix is beginning to look truly transformational. Nix might finally be finding his comfort zone after plenty of challenges on and off the court. Nix followed up his first double-double since his freshman season with a career performance today in...
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    HTC Sense force close loop without search =/?

    Hey, so i decided to start freeing up space and deleted stock apps( e.i, footprint, voice search, and a couple of other things including some rosie thing) after i did that, it force closed htc sense and now its looping. Ive already tried hard resetting it, and that didnt work. tried the search...
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    Jonathan pushes a toy truck of mass M a distance D with a force F......?

    Jonathan pushes a toy truck of mass M a distance D with a force F. The truck acquires a velocity of Q. If Jessica pushes the same truck with the same force for a distance of 2D the velocity of the truck will be: A) Q B) 2Q C) 4Q D) sqr root of Q E) 1.414Q I got E, but I'm not sure if that's...
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    More powerful force to keep people locked into religion, fear of consequenses/the...

    ...crutch it provides.? I would think two of the biggest reasons people stay bound to their faith is due to the fear of a vengeful god or, like smoking, the habitual comforting role it plays in their life. Which of the two would you say is the more powerful?
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    Star wars who the middle of the force?

    we have dark side (sith) and light side the (jedi) so who the middle what graphic novel has empire knights sith 1000 years after return of the jedi thank you for your help