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    In the Freeport debate against Lincoln, Stephen Douglas argued that slavery?

    a. could not exist without favorable local legislation. b. should be protected in the territories. c. was a "positive good" for the nation. d. would not spread where it was unprofitable. e. represented a moral and social evil.
  2. H

    Wade fishing Christmas Bay in Freeport, TX?

    I've been out to Christmas Bay 3 times in the past couple weeks and its always very active and its exactly the kind of hole I've been looking for since moving to Houston 2 years ago, unfortunately I haven't done too well on the catching side. Just a few rat reds and small specks, but no keepers...
  3. A

    is their a cheep but good tire place in freeport ill?

    i am looking for a really cheep but also good tire place in freeport il 30 dollar tire like oscars in rockford il
  4. C

    I am headed to Freeport, TX for some wade fishing. Any advise on locations or...

    ...bait/tackle? Hopefully "Ike" wont screw thing up too much!