1. B

    Are pokemon games only on the DS?

    Like the ones where you go on an adventure to become the pokemon master, like red and sapphire version
  2. M

    Favorite iphone games?

    I wanna get more games on my iphone. Preferably free ones. Preferably single player games that will keep me hooked for hours, thanks(/
  3. G

    where can I sell my games and bluerays?

    I want to personally go and give it to a store. I know about gamestop, but where else can I sell my games. also, blueray. I don't want to ship anything
  4. V

    are there any gta games that i can get in android phones?

    like vc or san andreas n plz tell me the names and where can i get it from plz.... i have samsung galaxy core duos i 8262
  5. E

    Why are some games so slow on the Blackberry Z10?

    Hi I have a brand new Z10. Everyone works perfectly fine and lagless. However, some games like 4 Pics 1 Word which I would least expect to lag, are running EXTREMELY slow on my Z10. Higher quality games like Jetpack Joyrider are running so much more smoothly. It's weird because it seems the...
  6. G

    is it ok to play games on my android smartphone while charging?

    will this effect the battery???
  7. M


    I just Got a 10 euro Pay Safe Card and wanted to go to my android phone ( Samsung galaxy Mini ) and I wanted to buy mine builder but every time I put in the paysafecard pin in it does not work please help as soon as possible !
  8. T

    I can't alt tab back into any full screen games.?

    Whenever I alt tab out of any full screen game, I can't alt tab back in right away. It takes several tries to get back into the game. It is annoying if I am playing a fast paced game and I just want to alt tab out for a few seconds but then ends up taking a minute or two.
  9. D

    Full screen games keep alt-tabbing (GTA:SA)?

    Hello Yahoo, Over July and August I have encountered a problem with my game. It alt-tabs by itself every so often and I have no idea why. I've had my computer for a good 3 years and it has never done this before. I have looked on Google and other forums and still no luck. I have ran an...
  10. H

    Switching from iphone to a Galaxy phone can I use the games that I bought on...

    ...iphone on a Galaxy phone? i bought a game on the iphone awhile back, but I am switching to a Galaxy phone, is there anyway I can put the game I bought on the iphone on the Galaxy phone?
  11. Z

    How do I download games on ePSXe for android?

    I purchased this app on my HTC one today, and looked into the instructions for how to use, its download this scph1001.bin BIOS file then run it. I did. the next step it said was simply "get a game." I am very confused as to how to "get a game" because it certainly did not tell me how. I...
  12. L

    can you transfer games from an ipad to another with bluetooth?

    games like angry birds,temple run..........
  13. D

    What are the best games for Iphone 5?

    Give me your opinions on some awesome fun games on the Iphone 5. It can be any type of game. Puzzles, FPS's, RPG's, ETC. so yeah.
  14. B

    My iPhone 5 won't play music from games without headphones but it will... music/videos? Is this just part of the phone? I find it really annoying and can't tell if either something is wrong or it is a new "improvement". When there are headphones plugged in, I can't hear games, music, etc, but when they aren't plugged in, I can't hear the sound from any games...
  15. A

    Blackberry games download?

    I have a blackberry curve 9300 and I realy want some propper games that are free instead of the dumb app world ones and also I want to download it on my blackberry instead of using a computer to transfer it. Most of the websites I've tried say that my phone doesn't have any memory or that the...
  16. V

    How can i live stream the football games on my android?

    I have the lg optimus showtime
  17. W

    Why wont my PS3 play blue ray movies bt it plays blueray games?

    Blue ray movies don't work at all normal DVDs work fine and my blue ray games like GTA 4 and NFS shit 2 unleashed works perfectly fine how can I fix this so I can watch blue ray movies
  18. M

    2 player iPad games.?

    Hi, I'm going on holiday soon and have an iPad. Does anyone know any good 2 player games on the same ipad which are good I can play with my partner? Maybe puzzle like games or something like that? Thanks
  19. F

    Good platforming games for iphone?

    games like hoggy or mario?
  20. D

    can i install all gta, nfs and other good games in windows 7 or xp is better?

    can i install all gta, nfs and other good games in windows 7 or xp is better? i hv an laptop with gud enough configurations. just was wondering which would be a better os? please not 8! like i know for a lot of games u need higher RAM for vista and lesser for xp. is there something same with 7...