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    I bought The Sims 2 Double Deluxe on GameTap to download and it's not installing?

    Alright so.. my parents let me buy The Sims 2 on GameTap. I bought it and it even says it's been bought. Now, it won't install and I'm getting REALLY stressed. Okay.. I click the link and it starts and then it says "Please insert disc 1 and click OK. If the files on this disc can be found in a...
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    Perhaps Wing Commander Too?: Thief, Hitman Coming to GameTap

    The Game Sack has officially overflowed and sprung a leak on the GameTap forums. GameTap employee The RedEye let spill that four Hitman games will be coming to GameTap soon along with three Thief Games and two BloodRayne games. He also hints that perhaps GameTapers might be getting some Legacy...