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    Matt Bomer "Really Proud" of Wentworth Miller for Coming Out as Gay

    Add Matt Bomer to the growing list of Wentworth Miller's celeb supporters.The White Collar star echoed the sentiments of many Hollywood A-listers in praising the Prison Break actor...
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    should the Christian B & B owners have been ordered to compensate that gay couple?

    should the Christian B & B owners have been ordered to compensate that gay couple? for refusing to allow them to share a double bed? i think...
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    Is it gay for men to wear baby blue mirror ray bans? Link below with picture?
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    Do you have any problems with gay PDA? (public displays of affection)?

    If you do or don't - why? If you do - would you approach the two lovers? Where would you say the borderline of PDA's should lie?
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    would you let your kid play football for a coach who is openly gay?

    he has a strong committed relationship with his lover of over 5 years. he is openly gay and brings his significant other to parent meetings, games, other events coaches bring their wives. he treats his significant other as his wife he has never had a history of harassing his players he is a...
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    (I'm gay) I'm so in love with my exboyfriend. Now what?

    Were both 17. He's really insincere and he's kinda a whore. Were still friends though. We recently went on a trip together with school to Disney World. I've got a physical disability and its hard for me to get out of the rides. He picked me up out of every ride. I fell and my head slammed into...
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    Where is this gay marriage video?

    I remember watching a video (most likely on YouTube, of course) where it documents the preparations of a typical wedding ceremony. From what you can tell from each shot, you assume you are following the groom and his family. Once you get to the moment when the couple kisses, the camera pans out...
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    Why do truck drivers have coded signs on dashboard, does it mean they are gay / bi?

    why do truckers put number plate like sign on there dashboard which say things like"woodcock" or have words like, suck, dick, men on them. does this mean they are looking for gay sex?
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    Adrian Peterson says he?s ?not with? gay marriage

    Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson had a lot on his mind during a recent conversation with SIRIUS NFL Radio, and he made some waves with his comments regarding gay marriage, which will become legal in Minnesota on Aug. 1. Peterson said that he doesn't believe in non-traditional...
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    Should We Make Boy Scouts Accept Gay Scout Leaders?

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    Adrian Peterson on Gay Marriage: “I’m Not With It!”

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    Do Robbie Rogers and Jason Collins Count as First Gay Men in Pro Sports?

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    Robbie Rogers signs with LA Galaxy, becomes first openly gay player in MLS

    Three months after coming out as gay and stepping away from the game, midfielder Robbie Rogers has signed with the LA Galaxy according to multiple reports. MLS rights to Rogers, who previously played in the league for Columbus Crew from 2007 to 2011, were owned by the Chicago Fire, but Rogers...
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    Why do kids today think being gay is cool like it's the new trend?

    I have noticed this at my nephew's, cousin and most schools around the country. Kids are claiming to be bi-sexual, when they are in fact straight, just to be cool. It's the new trend now adays. I am just curious, why being gay has become a trend for kids?
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    Is it possible to be gay and Christian?

    People dont choose their sexuality, therefore why is it such a problem @footnall5680 Thats because Bisexuals are a different sexual orientation. They are attracted to both sexes, homosexuals don't
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    Is this a gay ringtone for a guy?

    I like this part of the song but the lead singer voice is kinda high and I don't want it to be awkward if my phone rings infront of my friends The song: Skip to 2:57 and listen to about 10 -15 seconds Tell me what you think?? thanks
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    Robert Kraft would welcome a gay player on the New England Patriots

    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is one of the most influential figures in the National Football League and has congratulated Jason Collins for becoming the first male athlete in one of the four major sports leagues to reveal that he is gay. Kraft added that he would support a gay...
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    Syrian Electronic Army Hacks E! Online, Sends Justin Bieber Gay Tweet

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    Kobe Bryant on Jason Collins Coming Out as Gay: "As His Peers We Have to Support Him"

    Kobe Bryant on Jason Collins Coming Out as Gay: "As His Peers We Have to Support Him" The long list of Jason Collins*supporters continues to grow. After coming out as a gay man—and being the first active player in a major team sport to do so—Collins has...
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    Jason Collins' Ex-Fiancée, Carolyn Moos, Reacts to the NBA Player Coming Out as Gay

    NBA player Jason Collins*coming out as a gay man may have shocked many, but perhaps no one was more surprised to hear the news than his onetime fiancée of eight years. Carolyn...