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    Is there a Geocaching App for the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Phone?

    Is there a Geocaching App for the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman Phone?
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    I am trying to get a handheld GPS for geocaching. What would be a...

    ...decently priced one? I need one that is waterproof and affordable. I am buying this for my boyfriend for our 5 year anniversary so we can do some exploring this summer. I don't mind spending more money if it is better, I just am very clueless about geocaching and need some advice.
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    Which GPS should I buy as a newbie to Geocaching?

    I am seriously trying to start GEOCACHING as a personal hobby. Myself being a total NEWBIE to this hobby, I'm researching EVERYTHING I can find about this technology so I will not get left behind the trends. Knowing (hearing from others) that this technology continually advances as such...
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    Handheld GPS devices for geocaching?

    Which do you use? How much were they? How accurate and precise are they? Good signal? Do you have to leave it for ages for the gps to work properly? I'm thinking of getting the Garmin E-Trex H Handheld. Would you recommend it? How accurate is it? How many metres close to a cache will it get me...
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    Geocaching Travelling Travel Bugs?

    Im travelling to melbourne, Seville Vic and was wandering if anyone needs any trackables to go down that way let me know asap im going on the 23rd of dec
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    Play Hide-and-Seek With Garmin's Chirp, a Geocaching Beacon With a Year's Battery [GP

    Garmin's $23 pet rock "Chirp" can last up to a year in the wilderness as it records the number of people who stumble across its coordinates. It's for the more adventurous types, who love nothing more than geo-based activities. More »
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    What is a good handheld GPS unit for Geocaching?

    Doesn't need to be anything fancy, just planning on using it for Geocaching. Looking for something *A little* nicer than my current GPS unit, a Garmin eTrex Venture, possibly a color screen.
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    Garmin eMap Handheld GPS Receiver is it good for geocaching?

    I it a good gps for geocaching or not? What are your thoughts? Is not i sorry
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    Found: Magellan Explorist GC hiking GPS for geocaching

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    Which GPS? -garmin handheld for fishing and geocaching.?

    I'd like to buy a small GPS. -something that can be used for locating fishing spots on water, and geocaches in bush on land. I don't want to necessarily upload maps. Something easy to use and relatively cheap. Thanks in advance if you can help!!
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    What is the best handheld GPS to use for geocaching?

    I want one that is accurate, has a color screen, can store pocket queries information for paperless geocaching, and has an averaging feature to help in placing geocaches.
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    What is the best color-screen-buttons-on-the-bottom handheld GPS for geocaching?

    I am fairly new to geocaching, but I have gone on a few hunts with my friend. She has an eTrex Legend and I absolutely HATE the button at the top on the LEFT hand side. I am a right-hander and you cannot use it without blocking the screen. I also would like to have a color screen with topo map...
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    Best handheld GPS for geocaching?

    I am thinking about getting a GPS for for geocaching and I was wondering what would be the best way to go for a first timer.