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    Gretchen Rossi Pictures – $500,000 Richer

    Gretchen Rossi is hot to begin with … but now she just got a whole lot hotter. The star of “Real Housewives of Orange County” just won a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend. The win results in a judgement in excess of $500,000. Sexy + Money = Even Sexier The ex-boyrfriend in question is Jay...
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    Was Gretchen Carlson from Fox and Friends in the movie The Chase starring Charlie

    Sheen? There is a news lady that looks just like her and even sounds like her in the movie. I did a search and can't find squat.
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    Winter Olympics: Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler on the TODAY show

    Sister of the traveling snowpants? U.S. Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler appeared on NBC nightly news.*Gretchen gives an inside look at the US women’s snowboarding team in training. *As a snowboarding veteran, (she won silver at the 2006 Olympics) her teammates say she has good advice on guys...
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    Gretchen Wilson-Here For The Party-2004-FIH INT

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    Gretchen Wilson-One Of The Boys-2007-SAW

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    Your Daily Gretchen Rossi

    A tipster just sent me the following link to a post on The Dirty, where the writer of that blog posts that he has been contacted by many dudes claiming to have hooked up with Gretchen and that she’s “already” cheating on Slade Smiley, the man she allegedly hooked up with after dumping Jay...