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    Who spends more, John Edwards on his haircuts or Obama on vacation?

    Classic liberal knee jerk response, Meredith. At least try to think
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    Why do lesbians get short haircuts?

    My younger sister is a lesbian and she has a very interesting cut (shaved on the sides and back, short hair parted down the middle on top). I asked her about it when she was in California (shes in college right now) and the only answer she gave was that she preferred it like that. Not going...
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    Does Frank McCourt Owe $15,000 for Haircuts?

    Frank McCourt, the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has had a tough go of it lately. First, he allegedly found out that his wife was cheating with a bodyguard — which led to an extremely messy divorce. Then just recently, MLB commissioner Bud Selig stepped in and took control of the Dodgers...
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    cute long haircuts? what is the current in style for bangs?

    I'm 25 and getting a haircut tomorrow. I NEED something new. Help please?
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    which haircuts are in fashion?

    are steps and layers haircuts still in fashion?whar are the latest haircuts?
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    Pretty much every older generation in history has viewed the haircuts of the

    younger generations as gay. T/F? I have to admit it, I am 35 and I am now starting to look at the haircuts of the generations before me as gay. Take for instance, when I see some guy in his 20's and see that he has some kind of emo haircut or some kind of Justin Bieber haircut, I am like, "Holy...
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    women haircuts or styles?

    is there any picture of a medium or long hair cut for women? or maybe a celeb that usually has good haircuts/styles?
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    A good place for haircuts in North Hollywood?

    Like one that you go to and get great results. I'm a girl and looking to get layers? Thanks. :]