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    Hands-on with the 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible

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    Hands-on with 2013 Tesla Model S

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    Hands-on with the ridiculous Bentley Supersports Convertible

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    Hands-on with the 2012 Kia Rio

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    Nokia 808 PureView Hands-On: A Superb Camera (With a Phone Attached) [Nokia]

    Nokia's 808 PureView made a big splash and caused a fair bit of controversy at MWC this year. 41 actual megapixels crammed into a cameraphone? It sounds ludicrous, especially when you hear it's running Symbian. The 808 PureView will be out around the start of June, so we grabbed some time with...
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    Intel Studybook Hands-On: The Indestructible Education Tablet [Tablets]

    Intel's Classmate Convertibles have been a huge success: 7 million of these PCs are scattered across the globe in classrooms in more than 70 countries. Now Intel is introducing a new product to the Learning Series; a cheap, versatile, tough, education tablet. More »
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    Hands-on with four good, cheap new cars

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    Hands-on test: Is the Bodum Travel Press worth it or not?

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    Toshiba Libretto Hands-On Details Dual-Screen UI, Virtual Keyboard Layouts [Toshiba L

    Toshiba's dual-touchscreen Libretto is still waiting for its limited release, but the folks at Wow-Pow were apparently able to secure a localized English version early from Japan. It's still an expensive curiosity, but the virtual keyboard layouts are admittedly clever: More »
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    what are volkswagen's online test and hands-on test for employment?

    I was contacted for an initial group orientation for possible employment which will consist of 2 online tests and then a hands-on test. what do these test consist of?
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    I'm trying very hard to find new and interesting hands-on careers?

    I'm already interested in learning archetecture,welding, glass blowing, automotive mechanics, HVAC, and I'm also thinking about some electical tech in house and other tech stuff around the house. I JUST WANT TO BE ABLE TO FIX AND MAKE ANYTHING AND MAKE A GREAT SALARY DOING HADS ON AND DOING WAT...
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    First Hands-On: Powermat Portable 2X Induction Charger [Powermat]

    Powermat already makes a portable, tri-fold version of their induction charger. But it's only a bit portable, as you have to plug the thing in. Their latest Powermat is loaded with a lithium ion battery so you can charge anywhere. More »
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    Apple iPad: My hands-on experience

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    Apple iPad hands-on: Another (viewing) angle

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    First Hands-On: JVC Everio X with 600fps Super Slow Mo Capture [Tomorrow's Cameras]

    JVC's new Everio X camcorder is a high-end that is equally stylish and powerful with a 600fps slow-mo capture, a 10.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, and 9-megapixel still sensor. The 600fpx slow mo shoots at a tiny 640x72 resolution, but you can bump up the resolution by bumping the frame rate down to...