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    Paula Deen's Son Bobby Headed to Food Network as Celeb Chef Denies Asking Employee to

    Paula Deen's son is filling the family's empty Food Network shoes while his mother continues to field the sorts of claims that got her kicked off the channel in the first...
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    what are some careless or air headed animals?

    I have been working on a new book and I want to link the main character with an animal. She keeps wandering off and not doing her work, mainly she is an airhead.
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    Amanda Marcum Enfield Did It! Headed to Sweet 16 – Amanda Marcum Pics

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    Now Eric Schmidt Is Headed For Myanmar

    Look's like Eric Schmidt has the travel bug. First he jetted off to North Korea, and now the Wall Street Journal reports that he's headed for Myanmar. More »
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    Headed South By Southwest? Check Out These Food, Health & Wellness Panels

    If you're at the festival and looking for health, fitness, food or feminism-related panels to attend, we've rounded up those that seem interesting. More » Headed South By Southwest? Check Out These Food, Health & Wellness Panels is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs...
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    Sarah Michelle Gellar Headed Back to TV—With Robin Williams!

    Dare we say that we're crazy for this pairing? Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar*have been cast as father and daughter in Crazy Ones, a single-camera workplace sitcom...
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    Flywheel Spin Classes Are Headed To The Super Bowl

    Flywheel, the spinning studio that’s known for its athleticism and tricked out bike technology, is headed to the Super Bowl. More » Flywheel Spin Classes Are Headed To The Super Bowl is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food recipes. Advice & news...
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    Friday Deals: Brandon McCarthy lands in Arizona, Andruw Jones reportedly headed to Ja

    It's the day after the winter meetings in Nashville and it's proving to be just as busy as the meetings themselves! OK, so maybe that's not saying a whole lot, but at least there has been some movement with two solid contributors coming off the board. Diamondbacks agree with Brandon McCarthy...
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    Supercomputer Genius Watson Is Headed for the Cloud [Supercomputers]

    Watson, the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer developed by IBM, could become a cloud-based service that people can consult on a wide range of issues, the company announced last week. "Watson is going to be an advisor and an assistant to all kinds of professional decision-makers, starting in...
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    Deebo Pictures – Headed to Prison?

    Deebo from Friday, real name Tiny Lister, could very well be headed to prison. The actor plead guilty to fraud earlier today. The fraud he plead guilty to led to nearly $4 million in losses. According to reports, Deebo and several other people worked together to defraud banks by obtaining...
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    Personhood Nonsense Could Be Headed To U.S. Supreme Court

    You see that thing to the left that looks kind of like radioactive hushpuppy rolled in hair? Surprise! It's actually a human being! Or would be, anyway, if Personhood USA gets its way. The group responsible for getting personhood initiatives on the ballots in several states is now, for the first...
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    Olympic scrimmage star headed for surgery

    Showing off during Team USA basketball practice may be a good indicator of whether or not one is headed for an injury-free summer. First, there was Blake Griffin's ridiculous off-the-wall dunk and then, of course, his subsequent knee injury. As a Team USA Select Team player, Cleveland point...
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    Robert Pattinson Is Headed to Cannes: Does That Mean Cosmopolis Is Going to Be Good?

    So now that Robert Pattinson's movie is going to be shown at Cannes, does that certify it as good or that we have to take him more seriously? —Xtina, via the...
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    Jeff Gordon headed to Congo refugee camp during off week

    We've got an off week next week, and many drivers use the time to recharge around the house, bust down the honey-do list, or, in some cases, race in some lower-tier events. But Jeff Gordon's doing something a wee bit different: he's headed to the Congo for a firsthand look at a refugee camp...
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    No holds barred vacation. You can even go to imaginary places. Where are you headed?

    The Christian heaven sounds pretty boring, so that's not on my list. But whatevs, you can put it on yours if you want. I'm going with Burning Man instead. Or maybe Burning Man meets Coleridge's Kubla Khan, since it's whatever I want. ;) You?
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    Where is this relationship headed (if anywhere)?

    I'm in college and have been hooking up with the same guy for about 2 months. By that I mean every weekend when we go out to party we always end up together. In addition to that we are always talking throughout the day/week, have hooked up sober, and have had no-sex sleepovers. He doesn't mind...
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    Headed to Toads in New Haven tonite. How is the parking on the street?

    Also , is there a current parking ban going on tonite?
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    iPhone developer headed for New Zealand's first dedicated unconference

    Jade Software announced today it will host the country's first unconference dedicated to iPhone and iPad developers in Christchurch on 4 December, 2010.
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    Im dizzy,light headed,have numbness,sweaty face,weak,and have nausea?

    I was walking home when i felt really light headed and weak.I sat down on the grass for a min.Then i got up and continued to walk for a sec. I became really light headed and dizzy.I felt like i was going to pass out.My face started to sweat really bad.Then my head, hands, feet went numb.I was so...
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    Could The Samsung Galaxy Tab Be Headed To Verizon or Sprint ? [Unconfirmed]

    A CDMA version of the oft-spotted Samsung Galaxy Tab has been found, which could point toward an eventual Verizon (or Sprint) 3G version of the tablet. Or not. Whatever, all I need to know is that the Tab runs Android 2.2. More »