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    Researchers discover world’s most extreme hearing animal

    Researchers at the University of Strathclyde have discoveredoth is capable of sensing sound frequencies of up to 300kHz – the highest recorded frequency sensitivity of any animal in the natural world. Humans are only capable of hearing sounds of 20kHz maximum, dropping to around 12-15kHz as we...
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    Why do hearing aids cost more than bluetooth devices?

    It sounds stupid! Any answers?
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    Cochlear Implant Users Report Dramatically Better Hearing With New Vanderbilt Process

    Imagine suddenly being able to hear the words and tone of the person across the table from you in a crowded restaurant when once you only heard overwhelming noise. Or speaking on the telephone with confidence because what you hear is now crisp and clear. Longtime cochlear implant users are...
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    Hearing voice chat through headphones but volume through speakers?

    I've recently started playing Dead Rising 2 (pc) with a friend of mine, and whenever we get in-game, the sound and music from the game comes out of my computer's built-in speakers, but the voice chat portion comes through my headphones. If there is a way to fix this, how? It's really starting to...
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    I am going in to the Chicago Hubbard ib program and I am hearing a lot of...

    ...bad rumors about it.. Help? I heard that its A LOT, of work, that many people drop out.. And that doesn't look good on your collage application. Also.. That many people don't know you because you are in the same group of people those four years. That you better hope they like you and that you...
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    Why is hearing music in headphones more damaging than a stereo at the same

    perceived volume? Sure the headphones are directly against your ear, but they are playing at a very low level compared to the stereo. So if the headphones and stereo sound equally loud to you, why would the stereo not be equally damaging to your hearing? ok so even through the stereo sounds...
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    in vampire diaries in ep 4x16 i keep hearing rumors that Damon going to die in

    that ep but? But my question is where is people hearing these rumors at and where the source they got it from? cause all I'm finding is forums where people talk about it? I keep hearing hes die in that episode or 4x14 and come back in 4x16 and be human form and something about he will see Alaric...
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    Any advice on how to handle hearing your parent having sex?

    This my seem sort of odd, but about 5-6 years ago while at my father's house for the weekend I experienced one if the worst things any 11-12 year old could experience. I don't live with my dad ( mom has full custody of me) but every now and then, I would spend the night. One the first night...
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    Regeneration Of Sensory Hair Cells In The Cochlea May Lead To Restoration Of Hearing

    Hearing loss is a significant public health problem affecting close to 50 million people in the United States alone. Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common form and is caused by the loss of sensory hair cells in the cochlea. Hair cell loss results from a variety of factors including noise...
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    Growing Hearing Hairs May Reverse Deafness In Mice

    Small hairs inside the ear that recognize sounds have been regenerated to reverse deafness for the first time, according to a new study in the journal Neuron. A group of researchers from Massachusetts Eye and Ear Harvard Medical School have shown that hair cells can be regenerated by a using a...
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    Is he disinterested if he hasnt done anything after hearing sexual rumors?

    Hi, thanks for clicking on my question! So there's a guy in my AP bio class. He's a senior and I'm a a senior girl too but I'm 17 and he's 18. Anyways, I think he's insanely attractive. So around a month ago, this guy heard it and then he told the boy im talking about that I said he was hot and...
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    Speaking Skills Crucial For Hearing Impaired Children In The Classroom

    Current special education laws are geared towards integrating special-needs children into the general classroom environment from a young age, starting as early as preschool. Prof. Tova Most of Tel Aviv University's Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education and the Department of...
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    Super-Sensory Hearing: Bushcrickets' Hearing Organs Could Lead To New Technologies In

    The discovery of a previously unidentified hearing organ in the South American bushcrickets' ear could pave the way for technological advancements in bio-inspired acoustic sensors research, including medical imaging and hearing aid development. Researchers from the University of Bristol and...
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    I have been hearing rumors that the guy I like does pot :(?

    I have liked him for a long time and I think he likes me too and we barely talk and I have been to,d he does drugs and I would have never expected it and I am totally against drugs and I'm really upset. :(
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    Higher Prevalence Of Hearing Impairment In Diabetic Patients Independent Of Aging Or

    Patients with diabetes have a significantly higher prevalence of hearing impairment than patients without diabetes, according to a recent study accepted for publication in The Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). Study authors note that the finding is likely...
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    Quality Of Sound For Hearing Aid Users Improved

    A new software product developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge could greatly improve sound perception for users of hearing aids. The software prescribes the amount of amplification of high-frequency sounds required to restore the audibility of such sounds. This increases the...
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    Discovery Of Gene Linked To Age-Related Hearing Loss

    University of South Florida researchers have identified a genetic biomarker for age-related hearing loss, a major breakthrough in understanding and preventing a condition of aging that affects 30 million Americans and greatly diminishes their quality of life. In a nine-year study that was a...
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    Leptin Implicated In Hearing And Vision Loss

    Leptin - commonly dubbed the "fat hormone" - does more than tell the brain when to eat. A new study by researchers at The University of Akron and Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) shows that leptin may play a role in hearing and vision loss. This discovery, made in zebrafish treated to...
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    Millions could benefit from hearing aids, but don't

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    Hearing loss affects more Americans, problem growing

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