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    Dear Donovan McNabb, RG III Doesn’t Need You, Shut The Hell Up

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    Cant Christians just admit Anne Frank is in Hell?

    If you’re a Bible-believing Christian, then the (Jewish) Anne Frank is burning in hell. I don’t get why so many self-professed Christians can’t be honest about their beliefs. If their beliefs are true, Anne Frank is in hell. She was Jewish. She didn’t “accept Christ in her heart.” She’s still...
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    How the hell do i get rid of Divx player?!?

    I dont even know how this got on my laptop but i hate it! Its a horrible media player but i went to control panel to try and delete it, and nothing happened. So i read on a forum i had to end all processes that have to do with Divx, but i only found one (I found it by looking in the description...
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    Two Steps From Hell Tour Dates/Plans?

    So uh, Two Steps From Hell is performing live in Los Angeles, on the 14th... I happen to live in Australia and I absolutely LOVE them... Buuut unfortunately I am a student and cannot afford to go :( Does anyone have ANY idea on what their tour dates are/if they plan on touring around? And this...
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    Judaism: How are heaven and hell depicted?

    Hey everybody, just wanted to know what kind of imagery the tenach placed into the Jewish religion. Im doing an essay so Id like some references of how heaven and hell is depicted in the tenach. thanks.
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    How the Hell Did This Helicopter Land on a Rail?

    Helicopters aren't supposed to do this. I know this because I've seen too many military movies (Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty) where the chopper nosedives into destruction. They're sensitive machines. You need a clear landing pad! You need an open target! You don't land a freaking helicopter...
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    Holy Hell, A Giant 22 Foot Wasp Nest Is the Most Terrifying Thing

    Imagine walking into a room and stumbling straight into a wasp nest that's nearly 22 feet big. That's what happened in the Canary Islands. Neighbors had been growing concerned over a vacant home so they notified the police. When the police entered the home, they discovered the home wasn't empty...
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    What the Hell, A Live Bomb Was Found Inside a Squid's Stomach

    A Chinese fishmonger was going about his business when he randomly discovered a bomb... inside the stomach of a squid he was gutting. Apparently, a three-pound squid had swallowed an eight-inch bomb on accident. The bomb was live. More »
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    What future technology will baffle the hell out of me?

    Like how most old people now are completely lost with computers and iPhones and stuff, what technology will be out when I'm old that will just confuse me to tears?
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    Kickboxing is a 'more complete sport' than boxing, what the hell does this mean?

    I've seen in a comparing of these two sports this kind of rubbish spoken about kickboxing. I'd love to see one of these douches step into the boxing ring and show off their 'more complete' skills. I think people seem to forget that Boxing is not supposed to mirror an actual fight, and anybody...
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    If people choose to go to hell or not, why does hell exist?

    "sure, i choose eternal torture god! after i prudently and sanely sign this heaven document sanctifying that i intentionally volunteered to go to hell! i'm ready to suffer for eternity! Thank you for letting me choose!" said no dead soul ever If your actions land you in hell, that's gods...
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    Are you are Christian solely to not burn in the flames of hell 24/7?

    I did not become a Christian because of hell I gave it later thought when I was emailed a link a few months later from an Amightywind websites where I heard some moaning and screams from hell.
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    Christians: Do insects, birds, animals, fishes go to Heaven or Hell?

    Or this whole concept is for Human Beings? And if they don't then it means that they have no souls. As scientists and atheists believe for us Humans and other creatures. @Shaytaan Hater - Who told you that animals don't have a free-will???!!!
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    I've just been watching an ECW DVD I bought and i'm wondering, how the hell did...

    ...ECW ever go bust?!? All of the matches I've seen so far have combined striking, technical wrestling, high flying, mat wrestling, extreme wrestling and everything in between. If WWE was like this, their ratings would sky rocket over night!
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    How the HELL can I get rid of this abhorrent Bittorrent toolbar?

    I've uninstalled it from control panel, unpinned it from everywhere I can find, but this tenacious, intrusive and completely malicious toolbar just keeps on coming back. Does anyone know how I can actually eradicate this pos from my pc? Its driving me absolutely nuts. And before any of you...
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    What the Hell Is Facecake? (It's an Awesome Augmented Reality Shopping App)

    I really love to shop, but I always feel bad about pestering the salesperson for different sizes or colors of a pair of pants or something. But Facecake eliminates that issue—and makes it so you never have to ask another human being if a pair of jeans make you look fat. More »
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    Do you admit that some of these people have one hell of a sense of humor?

    i.e. Q: Walmart.com site to store question...10 points!? A: This has to do with politics how. Now give me my damn 10 points. How can you not laugh at that? Nice to get away from the gun debate, isn't it?
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    Kyle Turris trashes Finland hockey experience in interview; Finnish team says he?ll o

    Last week, Ottawa Senators forward Kyle Turris, 23, returned from a two-month NHL lockout stint with Karpat Oulu in the Finnish SM-Liiga and had some very nice things to say about the experience to the Ottawa Sun: “Oulu was awesome. The organization was great. They treated us really well. I...
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    why do christians say God is love? when he will send you to hell if you don't...

    ...accept jesus christ? but if you believe in God and no in jesus christ you aren't saved?
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    What are some funny as hell pranks to pull on people?

    I need to know some really really really funny pranks